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Cowboy Copper Hair Is Perfect For Fall, But Is It Too Seasonal?

cowboy copper hair

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Cowboy Copper transformations are taking over our feeds from Instagram to TikTok. It is all that is pumpkin spice in a hair color for crying out loud. Hair transformations are super satisfying to watch and just as exciting on the day of, but what happens after the excitement disappears? 

What is Cowboy Copper?


Oh how i love the Cowboy Copper trend 🤠🧡 BUT if you are considering jumping on the bandwagon, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take into consideration these very important things. 1. Reds/coppers are a VERY high maintenance color. They fade easily so you will need to keep up with, possible, toning appts in between maintenance appointments 2. Yes, reds fade fast, but it also is one of the hardest pigments to remove from the hair. Especially on you porous blonde babes! 3. *important tip for Blondies* it ABSOLUTELY will be a multiple appt. process to return back to your beautiful blonde hair. Again, you will NOT be back to your icy platinum hair in one hair appointment if you decide you don’t want ‘cowboy copper’ anymore. So if you aren’t ready to commit to that, this trend is NOT for you! Kalisha has been Cowboy Copper in the past, (I’m so glad the social media girlies gave it a cute lil name), so she understands the importance of committing to this color! I will not be offering this color to anyone who is hesitant about committing, so think long and hard about this before you bite the bullet 🧡 #cowboycopper #fyp #copperhairtransformation #cowboycopper #hairextensions #luxuryhair #luxuryservice

♬ original sound – Katie Brown

Cowboy Copper is the term coined for the reddish hair color everyone has been crazy about. It’s a version of copper that is made up of warm browns and deep reds. It makes the hair look richer and adds a whole lot of dimension. It is so bold and yet so wearable at the same time. This hair color screams pumpkin spice!

Things to consider before committing to cowboy copper hair


I like to pretend this never happened but if youre iffy on going red, just dont😂 #cowboycopper #redhair #hairtrend

♬ original sound – Maddie McAdoo

Hair is super fun to experiment with and at the end of the day it will grow back, but if this isn’t your mentality (I know it’s not mine!) you should know a few things before you head to the salon. In the transition from summer to fall, your hair might be more damaged than usual. You can read more about that in this article, but dyeing it darker could help bring your hair back to life. 

With that said coloring your hair is no cheap adventure, especially if you go to the salon. The longer your hair is, the more color your hair stylist needs to use and the more expensive your appointment will be. Hair color is not a one-time fee either. As your hair grows you are going to have to go back to get your roots touched up. Not to mention that red hair color fades super fast. This means you will have to go in between your maintenance appointments to get your hair toned. 

f you are trying to achieve cowboy copper hair on your own at home, it is not recommended. Red can turn brassy and then you have a whole other problem on your hands.

Red is a high-maintenance hair color. According to Chelsey Pickthorn, who is a celebrity makeup artist and hairdresser, “Red can be is the hardest to get, hardest to keep and hardest to get rid of.” If you have dark hair, your hair stylist will most likely have to bleach your hair to get the red to stick. If you have blonde hair, your hair is light enough to show the red right away. You can add these to the list of reasons why you should not attempt to achieve cowboy copper hair on your own. 

Due to red being a high-maintenance color, if you plan on only having cowboy copper for a short time, be prepared for the long journey back to the color you started with. I’m the kind of girl that will get upset with a nail color I don’t like, but that is way easier to change than your hair color. If this sounds like you, you might have to accept that committing to cowboy copper is more than you would like to take on.

Speaking of nails, I’m going to search for a cowboy copper color the next time I go to the nail salon. That is how I will be participating in this trend. I’m too attached to my hair to gamble with it anymore. I learned my lesson the hard way when I used “Sun In”. Shout out to everyone who made the mistake I did, let’s all cry in the comments. Spoiler alert, I had to wait for all my hair to grow out and be cut off because every single time I went out in the sun my hair would get brassier. I just looked and Sun In is still being sold. That stuff should be illegal. Remember that cowboy copper hair is just a trend and if you aren’t ready to fully commit to it, then it’s okay to skip it.

Are you going to be trying the cowboy copper hair trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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