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10 Instagram Poses You Need To Recreate With Your Bestie This Fall

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This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s fall editorial intern Hannah Yarrington. Find her on Instagram at @513hny. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

With the first day of fall just days away, you’re probably already planning all the different things you want to do this fall with you and your friends. Whether that be a cookie-baking session, a spooky movie night, or strolling through a pumpkin patch, you want to get the best pictures to remember those moments forever. So, we’ve compiled ten different friend poses for pictures that you should try out with your bestie to achieve the ultimate fall aesthetic.


When it comes to fall, the pumpkin-themed poses are endless, and one of my personal favorites has been the pumpkin head photos. Recreating this photo can be a whole lot of fun, and all you need is a few pumpkins and carving tools. It’s most fun when you carve your pumpkin to look like a scary face, and then you both can hold out the pumpkin in front of your faces so your photographer can make it appear like the pumpkin is your head. Or, if you guys really want to commit, you can also cut out a hole at the bottom of your pumpkin and slip it on your head to actually have a pumpkinhead!

Costume duo

If you’ve already begun planning your and your bestie’s Halloween costumes, having a duo photo shoot is a must. If you dress up as a classic best friend duo, try a pose where you’re linked arm in arm with the other, sitting down or waltzing down the street. If you want a more serious tone, less is always more. My favorite is when you try to make straight faces while standing with arms by your side, just staring at the camera. These hit every time and give you an effortless yet fun effect!

Getting cozy and close

This is a fun one to do when you’re out and about together, and perhaps you find a lovely pile of leaves by a red and orange-adorned tree that looks absolutely perfect. It’s super simple! All you have to do is plot down amongst the leaves and sit beside each other. You can tightly hug, place your heads together, drap each other’s legs over each other, or anything to give off that cozy vibe. My best advice for this one is what my mom likes to tell my sisters and me for pictures, “look like you love each other.”

Pumpkin patch

Back to our trusty pumpkins, having a photo shoot in a pumpkin patch is the ultimate fall vibe. Instead of just standing next to each other and smiling, try action shots! Unposed pictures are always the best poses to try. Pick up the pumpkins, look around for the perfect one, and have your photographer follow around, snapping pictures along the way. This gives your photos an effortless and fun vibe and shows you guys living in the moment!

Leaves and shoes

Fallen leaves are not hard to come by during fall time, and incorporating them into your photos is super easy. While walking around with your friend, try putting your shoes together in the leaves and snap a picture. This pose has been a staple, but a fun way to spice it up is to take a picture of your friend taking a picture of your shoes. Make sense? Just kidding, so basically, while your friend is facing their phone down, take a picture of their phone that shows your guys’ shoes and the leaves around, and your photo will show more of the ground around you to give you a more dynamic shot.

Dancing in the street

Fall has some of the best scenery; just capturing its beauty with your friend is the best. Another great pose to try with your friends is just dancing in the street. Night or day, this photo is super cute and can help you relive great moments. Taking candids of just having fun, dancing like no one is watching, or even doing Ring Around the Rosie (which I have since learned after growing up that this is a rather morbid dance we did as kids).

Trunk or treat

If you’re watching the sunrise with your friends, or maybe you just got done with a hike, taking a photo in your car’s trunk is another staple. Getting all cozy with blankets and sweaters, perhaps some coffee is a cute way to capture a fun time with you and your friends.


Speaking of hiking, taking candid pictures while hiking with friends. Try swinging your arms out wide and smiling big. Grab some leaves and throw them up in the air while laughing with your friends. Or make some silly faces at the camera while grabbing onto your girls. Here are some ideas on what to caption those photos too!


Going to a corn maze is such a fun fall activity and can be a perfect place to get some spooky fun photos. Use the corn to your advantage and try hiding in it while peaking your heads out. You can also guide each through the maze while holding hands and snapping a photo of the moment. But have fun with it!

Sitting by the fire

Last but not least, when sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows during a fall camping trip, try propping your feet up in the pit and smiling next to your friends. Make silly faces while eating them, or sit close to each other while you roast them. Those will create perfect opportunities to snap the perfect pictures to keep those memories forever.

What did you think of these friend poses for pictures? Are you going to try any this fall season? Let us know!

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