Struggling With Your Generic Mascara? Tubing Mascara Might Be For You

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Do you ever come home after a long day of wearing mascara and want nothing more than to simply take it off and go to bed? So do we. Unfortunately, many types of mascara make the removal process difficult, to say the least. Waterproof mascara is great for long-term use, but it’s taking it off that can be tricky. Oftentimes, I find myself accidentally plucking my own eyelashes out just trying to remove it all! While regular mascara might be easier to take off, that also means it can easily smudge in the middle of the day, leaving you looking like a racoon until you can properly fix it. If you’ve been struggling finding a solution to your mascara problems, the internet might’ve just found your solution! 

Tubing mascara has recently grown in popularity online, due to its supposedly quick and easy removal process. Many tiktoks have been created about tubing mascara, and they all usually get the same comment: Is tubing mascara better than regular mascara? If you’ve tried every mascara trick you can think of and are still falling up short, don’t worry! We’ll be looking into all things tubing mascara vs. regular.

What Is Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascara is a recently developed type of mascara that (like its name suggests) comes off in tubes when you remove it. Instead of painting or sticking to your lashes, tubing mascara contains polymers that wrap around each eyelash. They’re also supposedly resistant to clumping, smudging or flaking. You might be asking then: how am I supposed to get it off? To remove tubing mascara, all you have to do is take some warm water and wipe your lashes downwards. The tubes will come right off!

Pros and Cons

While regular mascara isn’t necessarily “unhealthy” for your eyelashes, it seems to be agreed upon that tubing mascara is more beneficial not only for your lashes, but for the area around them as well. Thanks to their tube-like structure and tendency to stick entirely around your lashes, it’s far less likely that tubing mascara could clog your pores or tear ducts. Tubing mascara also only requires warm water to remove, unlike other mascara types. The downside there is that if you’re wearing other makeup that you need to take off, typical makeup – removal products won’t do a thing for your tubing mascara. 

Tubing mascara has also been considered better than waterproof mascara when it comes to activities involving swimming, sweating or even crying. Because you need a combination of both warm water AND pressure to remove it, tubing mascara will stick firmly to your lashes in the pool unless pressure is applied.

In addition to the removal process, it’s also important to consider the application process. With regular mascara, it’s usually better to apply your layers when your lashes have dried, so that you can build them up. With tubing mascara, it’s the opposite. Make sure to apply any additional layers while your foundation is still wet.

What Are The Best Kinds To Buy?


Tubing mascara is generally designed with more film formers than traditional mascara. You know tubing mascara is right for you, if you want something that stays on longer, your current mascara flakes like crazy, you always have raccoon eyes, or you want an alternative to waterproof. The best is, it washes off more gently than waterproof. When you look for mascara, do you look for tubing? #makeup #beautytok #mascara #thelipsticklesbians

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If you’ve decided it’s time you make the switch, here are some brands/types that have been highly reviewed and recommended by the internet:

What do you think? Is tubing mascara better than regular mascara? Let us know!

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