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Have You Heard Of The Harry Potter Bath And Body Works Candles?

draco malfoy bath and body works

Anybody here a Harry Potter fan? Lately, the Harry Potter world is having yet another resurgence, with even my middle school sister catching a HP obsession. Well, fans of this popular book/movie series have recently been hypothesizing about how each Harry Potter character (and specifically the boys) would smell. You read that right. People are talking about signature smell of each of the Harry Potter characters, specifically the men, because the crushes on them are rolling back around. The Draco Malfoy obsession is back, and it’s time to see what each and every one of them would smell like. Recently, Bath & Body Works candles have been categorized for each character. Let’s see which candle smells like each Harry Potter boy, according to fans!

Draco Malfoy – Mahogany Apple

Harry potter bath and body works

Beyond the green apple color that matches the character’s house (Slytherin), fans are saying that this apple smells exactly like they imagine him to. Mahogany apple has a sweet apple scent with a bit of a manly musk over it. Think of a green apple candy with the whiff of men’s cologne over the top of it. Beyond the single wick version which is available online, this candle has practically sold out due to Draco fans wanting to fill their house with his scent… Weird?

Harry Potter – Autumn Woods

harry potter bath and body works

Surprisingly to me, not as many fans seem to care what the namesake smells like. But, those that do are saying his signature scent is pretty close to the Autumn Woods B&BW candle. Autumn woods has a mix of lavender, amber and walnut, and pretty much smells like you would think fall would. Again, this one has a pretty manly cologne smell, which makes it perfect when paired with a character like Harry.

Ron Weasley – Salted Butterscotch

harry potter bath and body works

Because of Ron’s avid sweet tooth, fans have given him the Salted Butterscotch candle. Personally, this one reminds me of Butterbeer, so overall, I think this scent fits pretty well in the HP world, whether Ron would smell like it or not. It’s very, very sweet, so beware if that’s not your type of thing.

Fred and George Weasley – Marshmallow Fireside

harry potter bath and body works

Apparently, this scent reminds fans of the twins and their mischief. The sweet scent of marshmallows mixed with the smokey scent of a fireside = double trouble. I’m not sure if they would have the same scent just because they’re twins, but you can’t argue with the smell of mischief.

Cedric Diggory – Sweater Weather

candle comparison

After scrolling through many TikToks and searching the internet for why Cedric smells like the Sweater Weather candle, I couldn’t tell you. But apparently, he does, because almost every single write-up on this topic says he does. So who am I to say otherwise? This is actually my favorite scent in this collection, it smells like fall with a little bit of fruit mixed in.

What do you think about these Harry Potter Bath And Body Works candles? Do you think they match up? Let us know in the comments below!

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