vacation with parents and partner

6 Dos And Don’ts For The Best Vacation Strategies With Your Parents And A Partner

A family vacation is a time for relaxation — sort of. Doing the same activities you did with your parents is slightly different when it’s you and your adult siblings. So imagine how much you can figuratively (and on some vacations, literally) rock the boat when you bring your partner along. It’s funny because your early 20s are a time for freedom, exploration and an escape from feeling stuck in your ways…

clean girl aesthetic

Sleek, Clean & Chic: How To Make The ‘Clean Girl’ Aesthetic On TikTok Yours

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic has taken over the pages of TikTok and flooded the boards and pins among Pinterest users. The aesthetic comprising of simple, classy and minimalistic beauty and fashion tips can help turn any girl into ‘that’’ girl. ‘That’ girl is someone who embodies the model-off-duty look with the sun-kissed skin, the gold shimmery jewelry, the slicked-back hair and ‌the confidence that makes other people stop and stare in awe…

finding a job after college

Still Unemployed After College? What the Job Search is Really Like

I knew that finding a job after college was going to be hard, but I didn’t realize that it was going to be THIS difficult. You spend hours filling out application after application but hear nothing back. Finally, you receive an email from a company! But of course, it’s a rejection. You reflect for a moment, only to start the cycle over again…

etsy unique engagement rings

5 Etsy Unique Engagement Rings & Stones For Your Unique Lover

If you’re thinking about proposing to your significant other any time soon, I have some really exciting news. Gone are the days when engagement rings all looked the same. In fact, if you haven’t checked out Etsy to see all of the incredible handmade unique rings (and super unique stones) out there, you’re missing out…


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