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These Gym Partner Workout Routines Are Perfect For You And Your Bae (Or Bestie)

gym partner workout routines

Disclaimer: I am not a professional trainer or medical professional. These gym partner workout routines are simply what I have found to work (and be fun) for me. Always check with your doctor before doing any workout routine and always read machinery to learn the correct way to use it before attempting anything.

When my fiancé and I first started going to the gym, it was pretty hard to figure out where to start, especially if we wanted to stay together for the majority of the workout. This confusion can also go for you and your workout buddy. What kind of workouts can a couple do, especially while utilizing the machinery that a gym has to offer? Well, after almost a year of going to the gym consistently, we’ve figured it out! Here are some gym partner workout routines for you and your bae or you and your gym bestie.

Arm Day

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We prefer to use machines more than free weights, so this workout is for someone who is interested in testing out all of the fun machines available!

Cable Machine

The cable machine is amazing for arm day. You can do so many different arm movements for so many different muscles. Put the cable down low to do some bicep curls, or put it level with your shoulder to pull it across and work out those triceps. Cable machines are a great place to warm up your arms before the rest of the workout.

Bicep Curl Machine

If your gym has a bicep curl machine, this is the perfect next step in your workout! Do 3 sets and take turns with your partner so you can get a break in between your sets!

Tricep Extension Machine

Next, we head over to the tricep extension machine. It’s great to give the different muscle groups by alternating which ones you’re working out.

Pectoral Fly Machine

While this works out your chest as well, we like to do the pectoral fly machine on our arm day. Again, we do 3 sets, taking turns on the machine so we can have breaks.

At the end of arm day, we end with 15-30 minutes of cardio depending on our stamina left and other time commitments we might have.

Leg Day

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On leg day, we also like to use machines, so they will be the main focus of this workout!

Hip Abductor Machine (both directions)

First, we like to start off with the hip abductor machine. Make sure to switch directions after 3 sets, and take turns after each set so you don’t overwork your legs too quickly. Switching directions may mean adjusting the machine or may mean using a different one that goes the opposite way. Always read the directions listed on the machine.

Seated Hamstring Curl Machine

The seated hamstring curl machine is great for near the beginning of your workout. 3 sets at different weights is perfect!

Seated Leg Press Machine

This machine is one of my favorites! Near the middle of your workout, it’s time to amp up your weight and show yourself how far you’ve come! Once you get to your goal on this machine, you’ll be super excited! 3 sets at rising weights.

Calf Extension Machine

This one is similar to the leg press machine, but it works out your calf muscles! To me, I love ending our leg day on this machine because it really scratches out your leg muscles.

Always remember to stretch at the end of your workout, so you don’t end up pulling anything!

Ab Day

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Another one of my favorite workout days is abs day! This one is especially fun with a partner because there are many workouts that you can do that involve two people!

Medicine Ball Russian Twist

We usually grab two mats and a medicine ball and find some floor space to work out. We sit next to each other on the floor, facing the same direction with about a foot in between us. The couple in this video throws the ball back and forth, but usually, we just pass it to each other. As long as you have that twist motion, you’re good to go. You can also lift your feet off the ground for an added challenge.

Torso Rotation Machine

This might be my all-time favorite machine at the gym. Hop on this bad boy, choose your weight, and start twisting. Make sure to always switch directions and twist the other side before letting your partner take their turn.

Abdominal Crunch Machine

Next, we head over to the abdominal crunch machine and do three reps each at rising weights. There are usually two different types of this machine, one with armrests and one without. If your gym has both, definitely try them both out to see which one you prefer.

KettleBell Side Bend

The way I like to end my ab workout is by locating a 10-pound kettlebell and doing some side bends. This movement really works out the sides of your stomach and might get you feeling a little sore later (in a good way!)

At the end of our ab workout, we end with 15-30 minutes of cardio depending on our stamina left and other time commitments we might have.

What gym partner workout routines are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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