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Neon vs Argon High Frequency – These Facial Treatments Use Science

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high frequency treatment

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Remember chemistry class? Yeah, I don’t either, but do you remember learning about the periodic table and making all those study note cards with the elements and their abbreviations? I do! Let’s talk about Ne and Ar, aka Neon and Argon, two of the noble gases. Did you know these two gases can be used on your skin through a high frequency treatment to work against acne, skin discoloration, and more? Let’s get into it!

In these beautify treatments, Neon and Argon are harnessed in glass tubes and used via high frequency handheld wands! Sounds like magic, right? It kind of is! These wands often come with a variety of different tools so you can use these gases on different areas of your face and even your scalp. 

Neon gas is orange-red and has smoothing, tightening, antibacterial properties to help with wrinkles and acne. It is good for circulation and cell turnover. Argon gas is violet and is best for treating acne. There are also fusion varieties that are blue and are a combination of both Neon and Argon gases to cover all of your beauty concerns.

These wands can be used daily and it usually doesn’t take long to see results. These devices are also usually highly rated, you just have to decide which variety suits your needs best! Licensed estheticians use similar devices in their practices, but it is nice to have your own for more frequent use, such as daily if desired. Here are our favorites:

NuDerma Neon Wand

high frequency treatment

This wand uses Neon and is great for combating wrinkles, dark spots, tightening your skin, and getting rid of built-up bacteria. The reviews rave about amazing results, how quickly you can use it in your daily routine, and how amazing their skin feels and looks!

NuDerma Argon Wand

high frequency treatment

This one uses Argon gas and purple light to work against blackheads, discoloration, acne scars, deep pores, acne itself and more! It comes with five pieces so you can use this wand for different areas of your skin and scalp.

NuDerma Fusion Wand

high frequency treatment

This wand uses both Argon and Neon to combat blemishes, discoloration, under-eye bags, wrinkles, pores, and more! It also comes with six different applicators so you can use it for different parts of your face, body, and scalp.

Are you going to try out ​​high frequency treatments? Let us know in the comment section below!

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