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Trending On TikTok: The Origin Stories Of Popular Sounds On Your FYP

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TikTok is an interesting social media platform because everything on it is created with the background sound in mind. Trends are started based on different sounds too — whether it’s a song, a clip from a TV show or movie, or a snippet of talking. TikTok sounds also have made huge impacts on the music industry and the Billboard charts. Just this past year, The Backyardigans had two hit songs high up on the Billboard charts because of the TikTok trends surrounding them. Some new artists have even gained major popularity due to their songs being used for TikTok trends, like Olivia Rodrigo. But sometimes a TikTok sound is so obscure that you have no idea where it came from. So I thought I would act as your personal TikTok sound finder, so let’s identify some popular ones!

That Must Be So Confusing For A Little Girl

This TikTok sound got really popular lately, along with the Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess sound. It turns out, both of these popular sounds are from the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time.” Truly, I was always a bigger fan of “Regular Show” so I didn’t recognize these sounds while scrolling, but my fiancé did! 

I Like You, Have A Cupcake

This TikTok sound is often used to compare characters on a TV show, stereotypes, types of food, or anything else you want to compare. Here’s a compilation to see what I mean. It seriously makes me laugh that this song is from the Disney show Fish Hooks because I used to love that show growing up and I really don’t remember that scene.

You Are 17, Going On 18… Actually, I’m 33

While you might just assume this sound is from the real sound of music like I did, it’s actually from an SNL skit featuring John Mulaney! This sound is often used to point out the age of actors who are wayyyy older than the age of their characters like this example!

That’s suspicious … that’s weird

This one has been used on TikTok forever, especially when Among Us got super popular. This sound was originally from a live stream that Cari B did. This sound is so versatile it could be used for anything, here are some examples.

Yo, bro, who got you smiling like that?

This is one of the complicated ones, since sometimes TikTok sounds are several layers deep, with inside jokes and clips mashed together. This sound is a mix of this original audio and the song Loverboy by A-Wall. Originally, the “Yo bro who got you smiling like that?” video was posted by TikTok user Zeddywill, and later was remixed into the song to create this wholesome trend.

Locked In A Cage With All Of The Rats

This audio and the Opportunity song from the 2014 Annie movie both recently went popular on TikTok. It’s funny to me that when one audio from a movie or TV show goes viral, another usually follows. When both of these songs went viral, I had no idea where they were from until it dawned on me. Who would’ve thought the 2014 remake of Annie would get popular as a TikTok sound? Well, that’s the beauty of it. TikTok is the place for obscure sound clips to really make their mark, and this is no exception.

What did you think about this TikTok sound finder article? What other sounds do you want us to identify? Have you seen any new upcoming TikTok trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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