Is Doing Your Lash Extension At Home A Good Idea? Here’s What Happened To Me

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eyelash extensions at home

I started getting my lashes done this year because my eyes were beginning to get sensitive from mascara, and an infection was my last straw. I booked the appointment, loved the technician I went to, and loved the results. So, why did I even want to try taking on something as daunting as doing them myself? Well, the broke college student in me took over, and getting your lashes done can be EXPENSIVE. 

I found out from some quick research that doing your eyelash extensions at home is wildly cheaper, but also not an easy task by any means. But I was determined to save a pretty penny, and for only about $45, I had everything I needed to hook myself up with MULTIPLE sets of lashes. Here’s what I got:

Eyelash Extension Kit – $10.00

eyelash extensions at home

This was the first thing I added to my cart after deciding I was going to do this. This kit comes with almost everything you need to get started doing eyelash extensions at home. It comes with tape, rings for holding glue, cotton swabs, spoolie brushes, an eyelash pad, and multiple kinds of tweezers to get you going. Not to mention, it comes with enough of everything to last you FOREVER if you’re just doing your own lashes.

Professional Eyelash Extension Glue – $14.44

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 2.01.50 PM

You’re also going to need glue. I bought this one, and it is black and quick drying and definitely super strong!

Lashes – $8.99

eyelash extensions at home

Finally, you’re going to need the lashes! These were quite a bit harder to pick out. You have LOTS of options, and you want to make sure you’re getting lashes that will help you create the style you’re looking for. Honestly, figuring out the sizing system of lashes was kind of difficult. There are different curl diameters, lengths, and thicknesses. Here’s a video that explains it well, but looking through review pictures people posted for different lashes was also helpful. I liked the look of the hybrid lashes, so I opted for both a classic kit and a volume kit.


eyelash extensions at home

After watching dozens of videos and deciding that made me educated enough to begin the process, I sat down with The Simpsons running in the background and got to work. After doing it my first time, I realized that this is kind of a long, grueling process. So, be sure you have lots of free time set aside and LOTS of patience. Personally, that’s what I was lacking and it was super easy to get frustrated with learning the process. Once you get the hang of it, the application can get quicker and easier, but it definitely isn’t something you want to rush.

Make sure you’re starting out with clean hands and lashes, and that you’re working in an area where all your tools are accessible. Having everything all organized and ready-to-go can help the process go by more smoothly. And, if you’re doing your own eyelashes, like I did, you’ll want to make sure you have a mirror set up in front of you and good light. I also recommend being in a space with good airflow, as the chemicals from the glue can be pretty strong. 

I started by trying to tape down my lower lashes to get them out of the way and tape up my upper lashes so that their undersides were exposed and ready to go. However, with working on myself, the tape didn’t necessarily stay as well as I would have liked. Instead of laying down with your eyes closed, if you’re working on yourself, you’re most likely sitting up with your eyes open. This makes the process WAY harder. If you’re not able to tape everything out of the way, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll just have to be extra careful that you’re not blinking too soon after applying a lash because you don’t want to accidentally glue your eye shut or anything of the like. 

eyelash extension at home

Next, I added a few drops of the glue to a ring, and prepped out my lashes on the lash pad. Then, using tweezers, I picked out my lashes, dipped the base into a TINY bit of glue, and quickly moved to attach it to one of my natural lashes. Make sure you are only using a little bit of glue (and if you need to, wipe off some excess quickly) because you do not want to see little glue clumps in your lashes– or have too much glue that you’re gluing together your existing eyelashes. I learned that the hard way. I also found it helpful to pull my eyelid up with my other hand. This opened up the area, making it easier to apply the lashes. Then you just repeat and repeat and repeat over and over and over again until you’ve got your full set.

eyelash extensions at home

You can use guides like this one to help decide what shape you want to go for, and use shorter and longer lashes within your kit to create that look. I found it easier to start with the shorter lashes and work my way to using the longer ones as I was applying.

My Verdict

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I did my own lashes about four times and I still have lots left in my kits to do more sets, but I’m not sure I necessarily will. Sure, it was cheap and achievable, but boy was it HARD. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an impatient person, but when I’m in my second hour and still on my first eye, and the lash glue fumes are making my eyes water, I have ZERO patience, it turns out. And I would say the absolute worst part about this whole process was dealing with the fumes from the eyelash glue. If you’ve ever gotten your eyelashes done, you might remember tearing up a little and your eyes stinging when you finally open them back up. Think of that, but constant for however long it takes you to do your eyelashes. That combined with sitting up also made my nose runny as heck, so be warned!

Will you try to do your lash extension at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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