Ranking The Top 10 Fall 2021 Nail Art Trends

fall nail art ideas

Now that fall is slowly rolling around, I’ve been trying to find the best fall nail art ideas, so my nails reflect one of the most cozy seasons. I’ve found so many new trends that have gotten super popular lately, so I’m going to rank 10 of the most popular fall nail trends for 2021.

10. Double French

Colored French tipped nails were all the rage this spring and summer, but mixing it up with a double French look is a great way to look fresh while still keeping it simple. I also think the orange and black in this set is so cute and a great way to pay homage to the quickly approaching spooky season.

9. Swirly Whirly

This look is Tim Burton-esque to me and I absolutely adore it! Again, it can be a subtle nod to the spooky season, or just something more whimsical and fun, but regardless, I think this look is so cute and has lots of opportunity for customization.

8. Floral pattern

It can be hard to make a floral pattern classy, but this trend hit the nail right on the head (pun intended). The monochrome floral pattern on the all-too-popular clear-nude background is simple, elegant, and really cute!

7. Marbled design

The marbled look has been popular for a little while now, but I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. This nail trend is super cute and a great way to include multiple colors into your nails. I also think the design can be fun and playful but also more elegant at the same time.

6. Starry design

This nail look is super cute and I can see it getting more and more popular. It’s integrating the organic shapes nail trend with a cute starry design and I’m all here for it. On top of that, the black and white color scheme is simple enough to go with whatever you’re wearing, but not underwhelming by any means.

5. Mis-match hands

I love the idea of picking a general theme for your nails but doing a variation in color between hands. This set opted for one hand black and the other white with a hollow heart design, but there is a world of options when it comes to the mis-matched hands trend. I think this trend is a great idea if you’re torn between colors that would look great next to each other. It’s not as funky as alternating every other nail, but there is still lots of flavor from the mis-matched nature of it.

4. Flaming sparkle

I’m all here for the flames. I’m also all here for a little sparkle. Both flames and sparkle TOGETHER– you’ve got to be kidding, take my money! Not only is this nail trend super fun, it also can help remind you how badass and hot you are. Honestly, how can you not feel like a baddie with this set of nails?

3. Stained glass look

This nail trend is SO impressive and SO gorgeous. In my opinion, stained glass is such a timeless and beautiful art, and replicating it with nails is just so cool to me. If you opt for this nail look, you have a world of possibilities in terms of color and design on top of the stained glass theme, which is just awesome.

2. Black, nude, and gems

Every time I see a nail set integrating black details, a simple nude background, and gems, my heart gets happy. I don’t know what it is about this combo, but it is *chef’s kiss*. It’s witchy, it’s classy, it’s got a little bit of bling — it’s fabulous, darling!

1. Tortoise shell

This trend has been EXPLODING recently and for good reason. Tortoise shell is IN, baby! Not only does this look integrate neutral colors that can go with nearly every outfit, it also has a funky pattern, which has been all the rage with nail art recently. On top of that, the look is also apparently so simple to replicate at home. Whether you’re headed to the salon or just attempting to do your nails at home, the tortoise shell look is an amazing option that can’t seem to go wrong.

Do you have any favorite fall nail art ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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