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These Retro Hairstyle Trends Need To Make A Modern Day Comeback ASAP

retro hairstyle

Hair trends come and go and come back pretty frequently. As wild hairstyle looks come back into popularity, I’m ready to see some of these older looks make a comeback today. Taking inspiration from beauty icons of celebrities, be it on the wild-side or a little more tame, we NEED to see some modern-day revivals of these iconic retro hairstyle trends.

Bob with bangs

Is it just me or was this hairstyle EVERYWHERE in the 2000’s. Drew Barrymore didn’t disappoint with her variation of the cut, which I’m sure helped with its explosion. While I was too young to remember who spearheaded this haircut, my mom was definitely obsessed and made sure to have my sister rock the ‘do for pretty much her whole childhood. Especially with her blonde locks, I thought it was pretty adorable and in my opinion, the look definitely needs a comeback nowadays.

retro hairstyle

Mini buns

Whether it was Reese Witherspoon or Gwen Stefani making this look iconic, the modern-day space buns did it due justice, but I think the wild-ness and fun that comes from having lots of these little buns is such a cute look! I would love to see more variations paying homage to this look now.

Pin-up hairstyles

While lots of people still embrace pin-up styles today, I think it’s about time it comes back into the mainstream. These hairstyles are so fun and pretty and there are lots of takes on pin-up style. This vintage look deserves a come back and I’m ready if it does!

Twists and spikes

This style is iconic, and super fun! Styles similar to this have been becoming more and more popular, so I think it’s only a matter of time before everyone will be wearing the ends of their hair spiking in all directions after being pulled back again.


I know these never completely went out of style, but the VSCO girls a few years ago may have gone a little overboard with them. Simple, yet volumized looks like Sarah Jessica Parker’s are fun and definitely cute enough to stand the test of time. Styles like this one definitely should become a trend again.

Chunky highlights and lowlights

Avril Lavigne rocked chunky highlights in all sorts of ways and this is by far my favorite look! Chunky highlights are making a comeback, especially with front sections or in a Narcissa Malfoy inspired look, but this underside low-lights look deserves popularity nowadays. It’s a little angsty without being too out-there and could definitely find cute modern-day variations today!

Which one of these retro hairstyle trends do you think should come back?  Let us know in the comments below!

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