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Need Some Cozy Nintendo Switch Games This Fall? Snuggle Up With These Mellow Options!

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Cozy Nintendo Switch Games

Are you a gamer? And I’m not talking about the first-person shooter type of gamer… sorry if that’s you. I mean, do you like playing relaxing puzzle games, or world-building games that you can get lost in? That’s me. I was literally raised on video games by my dad, specifically Super Mario and other Nintendo classics. So, when I finally got a Nintendo Switch, I was super eager to learn all about the fun games there are to play. There are so many different and unique games on the market that I am so excited to introduce you to. Let’s get comfy under the blankets, light a candle, and take a look at the best cozy Nintendo Switch Games on the market.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – $59.99


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♬ original sound – abbycates

OK, OK, I know you know about this one, but it wouldn’t be a cozy game list without it! Animal Crossing is the ultimate cozy game, in which you can run around decorating your island, interacting with villagers and living your perfect island life. No big news here but if you’re looking to relax, this game is the one.

Stardew Valley – $14.99


Stardew tips for all those who need a refresher – way more to come! #cozygamer #stardew #stardewvalley #gamergirl #nintendoswitchforlife

♬ Stardew Valley Overture – CelloKat


Stardew Valley is a game in which the main character (you) inherits their grandfather’s old farm plot. In this game, you can farm, fish, sell crops and do so many other cozy activities. The animation is really cute. And although it is cozy and relaxing, it definitely has a good amount of story and strategy involved.

Cattails – $1.99

This game is SO CUTE! You play as a kitty and you get to meet other cat villagers, do a bunch of tasks around town and so much more. It’s also on sale right now, so it’s only $1.99 in the Nintendo Switch Store.

Don’t Starve – $19.99

Looking for spooky cozy fall vibes? Don’t Starve is a survival game with major Tim Burton energy. The point of the game is to make sure you don’t starve, get too cold, or go insane.


Cozy Grove – $14.99

Cozy Grove is a super cute camping based game. In it, you discover that the island you’re camping on is haunted by ghosts and you have many tasks to do, so you can help them. And this game has a lot of crafting and exploring, with a super adorable animation style.


A Short Hike – $7.99


Feel like exploring from the comfort of your couch? Try taking #AShortHike 🙂 #nintendoswitch #pc #cozygames #cozygamer #gaming #cozy #foryou

♬ Paradise – Ikson

In A Short Hike, you play an exploration game in which you can explore backcountry and trails to get to your destination. Along your hike, you run into other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and have a ton of freedom. You can control your pace and your path, which means you can go at your own pace. But be warned this one is a pretty short game that might only take you a few hours to complete!

Pikmin 3 – $44.74

In this game, the goal is to build a squad of a bunch of Pikmin, in order to save your planet. Different Pikmin have different advantages, so use each new Pikmin friend strategically. This is just such a funny and cute game.

These are just a few of the best cozy Nintendo Switch games! What are your favorite games to play on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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