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Staple Pieces Of Clothing You Need For A Sustainable Closet

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staple pieces of clothing

Statement pieces are amazing and are the perfect way to get all of the eyes on you, but as much as I hate to admit it, I only ever like to wear them once. Then, they sit in my closet, waiting to be worn again but I can never find another time in which they’d fit. Didn’t people already see me in that? Didn’t I already post a bunch of pictures of me in it on Instagram? So, as much as I love a statement piece, they aren’t very versatile or sustainable. This year, I have been focusing on compiling a ton of staple pieces instead, so I can build a sustainable wardrobe that will last me for years. Here are some of the staple pieces of clothing I think everyone should have in their closet.

Plain Tops

I strongly believe that everyone should have a ton of plain tops in their closet that can be paired with fun pants, crazy jackets, cardigans and so much more. Sometimes throwing on a plain white, black, gray, navy blue or bright-colored plain top can create an amazing wardrobe. Personally, I have recently bought a T-Shirt in five colors (black, white, gray and a pastel), a tank top in these five same colors and five crop tops in these colors. These neutrals can be paired with so many different patterns, colors, shapes, textures and other fun pairs. Here are some awesome examples:


I’ve already written an outfit about all of the best winter jackets you’ll want to have this season but it applies here too. Jackets are such a necessary piece of clothing for your wardrobe. Start with a few standard jackets and expand from there. One jean jacket, one winter jacket, one leather jacket, one blazer, one cardigan, etc. Having jackets in a few neutral colors and a few fun pops of colors will make it so easy to mix and match and come up with fun and unique outfits.


Obviously, you’re going to have a few pairs of different pants in your wardrobe or you wouldn’t be able to live. But, I’d recommend finding your favorite brand and shape of jeans and getting those in a few different colors. Jeans last a really long time making them sustainable pieces of clothing. I’d also recommend having a few pairs of your favorite leggings on hand so you can mix and match those too. Having a few pairs of your fave pants will make it easy for you to pair together a bunch of different outfits.

Slip Dresses

If you like to wear dresses, this one’s for you. Slip dresses specifically are super versatile items of clothing. They can be paired with jackets, or even layered over sweaters, or the plain shirts we mentioned above. Having a few slip dresses really makes it easy to mix and match and create unique outfits out of just a few pieces of clothing. If you need some layering ideas, we have this article ready for you. Slip dresses can be perfect for spring and summer or can be incorporated into your winter wardrobe by adding a jacket or sweater. This is one of the most vital staple piece of clothing that you need in your closet!


Obviously, duh, this is another necessity. But when it comes to shoes, you’ll want a few pairs that you can wear with just about anything. I love a crazy heel or fun sneaker just like anyone else, but those won’t work with every outfit you come up with. Check out this article for all of the best white sneakers that you definitely need. But beyond a classic pair of white tennies, I’d suggest a pair of flats, a pair of sandals, a pair of boots and a black low heel.

I hope this list of staple pieces of clothing will help you compile the best and more sustainable wardrobe possible! Let us know what other pieces you’d recommend!

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