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Fall in Love With These 2021 Autumn Makeup Trends

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Fall is just around the corner and everyone seems ready for it! Get your makeup bag ready for it too by adding a few new things and removing a few as well! Every year, the trends change this season is not any different. There are some new trends happening right now that we’ve never seen before, and we want to let you in on the secret. Here are the top modern fall makeup looks that are coming in hot for each feature of the face.


Heavy, super full-coverage foundations and concealers are losing favor. A natural, skin-like look is in. If you do have areas of concern, certainly use full coverage or spot conceal, but ditch the heavy under-eye concealer and baking! Save the baking for the kitchen and use a more modern and luminous look for the skin and face.

Blush is the new contour! Put your bronzer and contour palettes away until summer rolls back around and go get your blush for a prettier rosy glow inspired by the ‘70s! Blush draping is a technique where you sweep the blush upward from your cheeks towards your temples and around in a C shape. Non-shimmer mauve, rose and berry tones are ones that you’ll want to try this season!

Also, you’ll want to lighten up on the highlighter for the rest of this year! Use highlighter sparingly on the tops of cheekbones, cupids bow and inner corners of your eye. Skip the blinding, heavy-handed highlighter that can be seen from space, please and thank you.


We are abandoning the dramatic stage-makeup cut crease eyeshadow/concealer trick and heavy lashes. A modern and artistic approach is in. We are seeing bright, matte shadows and minimal, precision graphic liner. We are moving away from the very thick, long cat eye into a tamer kitten flick. For this, apply to the lash line starting at the middle of the lid and end with a tiny flick upward. There is also a major return of the classic smokey eye from the 90s. Think black, silver or bronze. This look will make you seem mysterious and ready for the gloomy fall season.


Brick red is the hottest color for Fall 2021 hands down! A ‘90s inspired brown lip with a monochrome matching brown eye shadow look is also back. We are done with the dry, ultra-matte lip (sorry lip kits) and we’re embracing a velvet or semi-matte lip. Also on the radar is lip liner topped by a matching gloss. This is another example of a glossy, dewy and soft look for this season.

Have fun with these fall makeup looks this season! Which one of these ideas are you most interested in? Have you seen any other uprising fall makeup trends that you think we should cover? Let us know what you think about this article in the comment section below!

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