Skip The Scooper! Are You Painting Pumpkins For Halloween? Get Your Inspiration Here

painting pumpkins for halloween

Painting pumpkins for Halloween? If you’re not down for carving pumpkins because of the mess it comes with, painting your pumpkins can be an awesome and easy alternative. Put your scoopers away and grab some paint, paint brushes and don’t forget a pumpkin! Though, with endless possibilities, deciding how to paint your pumpkin can be a difficult task. Because you are painting instead of carving, there are so many ways you can turn your pumpkin into the spookiest or prettiest decor. Despite all the spookiness, fear not! Here are 12 pumpkin-painting inspirations to help you get your pumpkins ready for Halloween!

Pick a pattern

Whether it’s spooky or this option suits your home decor, opting for a pattern for your painted pumpkin can be easier than other options and also has impressive results. Here are a few patterned painted pumpkins. This is also an option that is perfect for the Zillennial who has a modern home decor. Are you pretty minimalistic? You can easily introduce neutrals into your pumpkin and still join in on the pumpkin painting fun, without ruining your aesthetic. We know how important aesthetic can be and that importance doesn’t have to go away just because its Halloween. You can use stencils or just freehand, but wither way, painted and patterned pumpkins are beautiful.


Skulls are a Halloween classic and a great choice for your painted pumpkin. An alternative to the Jackolantern, skulls also scream Halloween! Here are a few ideas for painted skull pumpkins. You can also take this option and go in many different directions, like painting a hyperrealistic human skull, painting a Day of the Dead themed skull or even taking a more cartoony route. There are so many ways you can take a skull and make it match your artistic abilities and the vibe you’re going for. Spooky or cutesy, skulls are definitely the way to go.


Painting your pumpkins opens up the opportunity to use cute lettering techniques on your pumpkins in order to send a message to your trick or treaters. With this one, we’re not talking about a “Live, laugh, love” moment but instead, having a little fun with words. You can use your pumpkin as an address sign for your apartment or house, or decorate your pumpkin with fun and spooky bloody letters. You can use big block letters, calligraphy and cursive writing, or even stencil something down. Here are some lettered painted pumpkins. 


Got a character from a movie, tv-show, book, etc who you LOVE? Show it off on your painted pumpkin! This is a really easy but fun way to take a pumpkin and turn it into something entirely different. Slap a witches hat on them like the Garfield example and you’ve got yourself a spooky pumpkin friend. This can be a character from anything and doesn’t necessarily have to be spooky. Do you have a favorite movie or TV show? You can easily dedicate your pumpkin to them. Also, kids in the neighborhood will be dressing up as so many different characters and it would be hilarious if they saw a pumpkin that was matching them! Here are some character pumpkins.

Share your ideas for pumpkin-painting inspirations in the comments! Painting your own pumpkin this year? Share it with us by tagging us on Instagram @thezillennialzine! We’d love to share your pumpkins on our IG story! Or comment below any other pumpkin painting ideas you have in the comment section!

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