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Figuring Out What To Do For This Halloween? Here’s Some Fun Ideas (For Adults)

what to do for this Halloween

Halloween is one of the best days of the year. Especially as a kid, I remember having the best Halloween nights and raking in a ton of candy. In my floofy fairy costume, I’d sit down on the carpet with my siblings and cousins and dump out our candy hauls. We’d compare, swap and bask in all of the delicious treats of the night. But as soon as I turned into an adult, I was worried this Halloween tradition would unravel in front of me. What’s Halloween all about when you’re not allowed to trick-or-treat anymore? I think I’ve figured it out. Need help figuring out what to do this Halloween or Halloweekend? Here are some spooky options for you and your whole gang.

Haunted Tour

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While I mentioned this in my fall date idea article, this idea is just as fun for your whole group. Nothing says Halloween like checking out a haunted house, hotel, graveyard or other haunted location. You can sign up for a led haunted tour in your town or take yourself on one. All you need to do is do a search of all the nearby haunted places and check them out (as long as you are respectfully doing so). If a hotel near you is haunted, book a room for your group to do some ghost hunting! 

Bar Hopping

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Okay, okay, I’ll admit that ever since I turned 21, bar hopping has been my fallback for weekend plans but many bars do specials for the Halloweekend! Some bars in my area are doing costume contests, giving discounts to those who are dressed up and are playing Halloween movies. This, while basic, is bound to be a ton of fun for your group. Some bars might even have specialized Halloween drinks! How fun!

Murder Mystery Party

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I’ve seen some super fun murder mystery party ideas online! You can have everyone dress up and play a real-life version of Clue, host one like this TikToker did, or even play one of these unsolved case files games as a group. Nothing says Halloween like a murder mystery does! For a Clue-based party, everyone can dress up as their favorite players like Professor Plum or Mrs. Peacock. For a murder mystery, you can have all of your guests dress like they’re from a specific time period, like the ‘20s. Get creative with it and have fun!

Scary/Halloween Movie Marathon

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Especially since Halloween is on a Sunday this year, there is nothing wrong with doing a casual and laid-back Halloween movie marathon. If your group likes scary movies, binge your favorite series like The Conjuring or even a throwback like Paranormal Activity. If you live in a neighborhood where kids will be trick or treating, you can camp outside and play a movie on a projector! If you’re really cool, you can make your squad Halloween-themed cocktails or jello shots. Don’t have enough inspiration? Our next article is the best Halloween-themed cocktails, so be on the lookout tomorrow.

Pumpkin Painting/Carving Contest

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Is your group competitive? Take this classic Halloween activity and make it a contest. Whoever carves (or paints) the best pumpkin, gets a prize of your choosing. Pumpkin painting or carving is always the perfect way to spend the days leading up to Halloween, so on the day itself, you have some awesome decor to put outside on your porch or balcony. Do this one before bar hopping and whoever wins gets a round of free drinks!

Costume Party

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If all else fails, throwing (or attending) a costume party is one of the best ways to spend your Halloweekend. If you’re throwing it yourself, get creative with your decorations, like taping down dead people crime season tape on the floor, or using glow-in-the-dark paint to create handprints. For games, take a standard game like beer pong and use eyeballs for balls, or put glow sticks around each cup. For drinks, make a blood bath jungle juice, a fireball apple cider, and use syringes for shots.

Happy Halloweekend! We hope this article helps you figure out what to do for this Halloween! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas!

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