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Tired Of Boring Makeup? These Funky Eyeliner Ideas Will Help You Mix It Up

funky eyeliner ideas

I’ve been seeing funky eyeliner looks EVERYWHERE lately, and needless to say, it’s one of the biggest makeup trends going into the end of 2021. This look is fun, fresh and has options for a world of different looks because, oh yeah, the possibilities are endless with this trend. Eyeliner is a way to express yourself in so many fun ways, with color or neutrals, patterns or graphic lines. Today, we’re going to look at all of the fun ways you can use eyeliner to create some of the coolest makeup looks. So grab all your eyeliner products and get ready to try out these funky eyeliner ideas.

Smokey Cat Eye

With yet another ‘90s grunge resurgence, we will be seeing lots of smokey cat-eye looks very soon! In true 2020s fashion though, we’re also going to see a lot of colors incorporated into this trend as well. Whether it’s a monotone colored look or a black smokey look, cat eyes are in. Smudge to your heart’s content to achieve that smokey cat-eye.

Under-Eye dots

TikTok has been resurging the under-eye dot trend once again and I’m all here for it! Simultaneously modern and simple as well as bold and retro, this eyeliner look is simple to achieve. Most experts recommend lining up your dots with your pupils when you look directly forward. While sometimes this isn’t always how it is done, placing a dot under both eyes can bring a focus to your eye shape and color. This look is not hard to achieve at all, so even someone who isn’t an expert at makeup can get it done and look awesome while doing it. 

Double Liner

To be fair, this eyeliner look has kind of always been cool and classy, but recently, I’ve been seeing it a lot more and absolutely love the variations people come up with. Layering one eyeliner color above another allows you to bring a pop of excitement to your look! This can be done with black and white or any color of your dreams! Double liner works really well as a stand alone look, so you won’t even need to do any more work on your eyes. Pair it with a nude look and you’ll still look like the coolest person in the room.

Graphic Crease

Bringing sharp, bold colors into your crease will surely draw attention to your eyes! These renditions opted to bring sharp shapes up toward the eye’s crease in their own ways, demonstrating the variability in this eyeliner trend! Instead of the cut crease look with major eyeshadow around it, the graphic crease eyeliner look is enough. Simple and absolutely gorgeous on its own.

Graphic Corners

The ever-popular cat-eye look has been facing some dramatization in modern makeup trends. Therefore, exaggerating your cat-eye liner with some more graphic and eccentric corners will be big, big, BIG. While it is a typical trend to do one cat eye, having an adjacent corner flick makes it look even cooler. Your eye look can be simple but super high fashion with this graphic corner idea. 


When in doubt, color it out! Underlying all these new eyeliner trends, they all have one thing in common: color is IN. Whatever you try, adding in a little color might just give your look the trendy pop you were looking for!

Which of these eyeliner ideas are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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