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These Methods Will Help You Have The Best Heatless Curls Overnight

heatless curls overnight

My mom is a hairdresser which is a blessing and a curse. She’s always done my hair, which means it has always looked amazing but it also means that I didn’t pick up on a lot of the skills other girls my age had to. I didn’t spend hours online watching YouTube tutorials and learning how to braid because I had someone there who could do everything for me. Because of this, I suck at pretty much everything hair-related. I can do a standard three strand braid, a fishtail braid (thanks Hunger Games), and… that’s pretty much it. So when I want my hair to look nice for an event, I’m usually struggling to try to get it to look the way I want it to. If you want to have the best heatless curls overnight, I’ve compiled 6 easy ways.



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This TikToker uses fuzzy socks to get her hair to have the most effortless and gorgeous bouncy curls. Instead of curling her overnight while it is damp, she prefers to make sure it dries first. Then, she wraps her hair around two fuzzy socks, using three separate strands. By morning, her hair is bouncy, soft and curled.

Bathrobe belt

This method has been all over TikTok for months. To get your hair curled this way, sit a bathrobe belt on the top of your head, then twist your hair around it on both sides. This method is very similar to the fuzzy sock method but might work better for those with longer hair. I have seen some people try it and have beautiful curls in the front but flat hair in the back, so make sure when you are wrapping your hair around it, you’re getting everything.

T-Shirt Halo

Another new method is using a T-shirt to create a halo at the top of your head. In this tutorial, the TikToker rolls a T-shirt and puts an elastic on both ends. Then she makes a halo on the top of her head. Now, she wraps her hair around it, adding in new pieces as she goes. After fastening it with a bobby pin, she waits overnight. The next morning, she has large bouncy curls.

Scrunchie rollers

If you have enough scrunchies for this method, you can use a bunch of scrunchies as rollers. In this video, this TikToker has pretty short hair, so I’m pretty interested to see how this method might work for someone with long hair. You’ll have to try it out and let us know!

Giant Scrunchie

Instead of a ton of little scrunchies, try a giant one. In this example, the TikToker wraps her hair around a giant scrunchie and ties it up into a bun. By morning, her hair has soft curls, but I wonder if her hair dried properly while she slept. Personally, sleeping in a bun isn’t my favorite because it feels in the way, but if you’re a side sleeper, it should be fine.



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This is definitely my go-to method. While the girl in this TikTok braids her hair in a special way and twists all of the pieces forward, you could do just about any type of braid. As long as they are tight, your hair should hold a pretty good curl as you sleep overnight. This option can also be done with wet or dry hair, but I prefer to do it with wet hair. I get out of the shower, brush my hair, and put it in braids. The more braids = the better. 

Are you ready to have the best heatless curls overnight? Let us know in the comment section below if these work for you!

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