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Bored On FaceTime? Here Are Some Things To Do With Long Distance Friends

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Near or far, friendships need quality time to keep going. Just because your friend is miles and miles away doesn’t mean quality time needs to go out the window. There are loads of activities that you and your friend can do together over FaceTime that will make the distance between the two of you feel way smaller. So, without further ado, here are 10 things to do with long distance friends over FaceTime.


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Cooking and baking with friends can be so much more enjoyable than doing it alone. Maybe you can both make the same dish, following the instructions together as if you were in the same kitchen. Maybe you can just use your cooking and baking time as an opportunity to catch up with the other person even if they aren’t making the same thing. Regardless, it is fun and you get food out of it in the end!


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If you and your friend both own Battleship then you are in luck! Battleship is a game that you don’t have to play in the same room or even country! If you both have the game, you can pop on FaceTime and start playing, guessing where the other hid their ships and bridging the distance between the two of you.

Movie night

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Ready, set, hit play! Starting a movie at the same time as your far-away friend can make it feel like you’re sitting in the same room watching a movie. If you set up FaceTime as well, you can offer commentary throughout, eat snacks together, and pretty much just hang out per usual. It’s a great way to be cozy and feel close.

Cocktail hour

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Maybe you and your long-distance friend both have the evening free, or maybe it’s just an hour of overlap within your schedules. Fear not, though! A cocktail hour only needs to last, well, an hour. Pour up some drinks and have your friend do so too and catch up over a cocktail even if it’s just for a little bit. This hangout idea is lighthearted and fun and doesn’t require a huge time commitment to keep your long-distance friendship exciting and fun.


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Maybe you and your far-away bestie both need a bit of a mental health break. Or maybe, you just love picnics! Either way, picnics are a great way to get outdoors, chill out, and catch up with a friend while enjoying some food. Find an outdoor space you’ll have a wireless connection (I like to go on my college campus) and set up a blanket with your spread of favorite goodies, then get your bestie on the line. You’ll enjoy your long-distance friend’s company as well as the fact that you won’t have to share your picnic food with anyone.


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Do you and your long-distance friend love arts and crafts? Did you get sent a craft TikTok from your far-away bestie? Do you just need to decompress over some clay and close friend talk? This hangout is perfect for you! Grab some craft supplies and get your friend on FaceTime and create together while hanging out. Sharing the progress of your masterpieces along the way can make it a really exciting and sometimes funny hangout session.

iMessage games

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When it comes to playing games with your far-away friend, iMessage games come in handy. They make playing with the other person easy, and if you’re also on facetime with your friend, you can offer the commentary one might offer in real life. Also, who doesn’t love playing a little pool or mini-golf from the comfort of their own bed?


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If you’re anything like me and my long-distance friends, we’re all drowning in assignments and exams. This doesn’t have to bust your hangout groove though. Take your FaceTime buddy on a study date! Whether you’re just flipping through your notebooks at home or opting for a coffee shop or library study spot, your friend can join you via FaceTime and either help keep you on track or help distract the both of you. Regardless, it can make for a very productive hangout with the bestie.

Outfit Prep

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When it comes to picking out my outfits, I like to pre-select a few to choose from so I don’t have to bother creating new outfits throughout the week. Because of this, there is a day every week where I take an hour or so to dig through my clothes and come up with my outfits. Getting a friend on FaceTime can be a game-changer for this as well as a fun friend hangout! Choosing outfits with a friend can make you feel closer and bring back some of the playfulness that might have been lost with the distance.

We hope this list of things to do with long distance friends can help you out! Which hangout option seems most like you and your friend?

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