Spice Up Your IG Feed With These Effortless And Cute Instagram Photo Ideas

instagram photo ideas

Instagram has been around for ages, and over the years the duck face has come and gone, as has the peace sign selfie, the squat and pray pose, and many others. It’s not uncommon to think that you’ve run out of poses to use on your Instagram page, but you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of 12 Instagram poses that will shake up your page and mix things up a little.

Zen Criss-Cross Applesauce

Chill out and bring some calm to your Instagram with a zenned out criss-cross applesauce pose. Even closing your eyes like in this photo can bring an extra layer of chill to the photo. So, sit down, relax and capture your zen moment (wherever you are– atop a car, on your bed, or in your backyard). This is also such a sweet and wholesome pose that your family and friends will be sure to love.

Big Stretch

Whether you’re somewhere as gorgeous as a waterfall or simply on your daily walk to class, you can stop and pose for a big stretch and let out your playful side. This photo is fun and also visually interesting, with the length your body brings by stretching. Feel in tune with your body, and let your mind free while posing for this happy-looking photo.

Action Shot

If most of your Instagram page is full of posed pictures, consider getting an action shot of yourself. If you have an active hobby, or if you’re out and about doing things, consider catching an action shot of yourself. The idea of movement will bring fun to the photo and it can also be a great way to show off your talents!


You’ll look pretty cool leaning back and looking confident and happy. This pose is natural, but doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort or feel awkward. Leaning back for your picture can also add fun angles to your photo that wouldn’t otherwise be there. So, consider chilling out and leaning back for your next pose.

Full-Body Angle

Speaking of interesting angles, committing to something full-body to get those angles is a great idea. Consider leaning over and using perspective to your advantage in this confidence-inducing pose that will surely stand out on the feed.

Sitting Against A Wall

Another pose to feel confident and powerful can be sitting back against a wall. There are lots of angles to explore with this idea and a lot of variations to take (in terms of leg placements, posture, focus, etc.) Choosing an interesting wall, whether it be full of foliage, has a mural, an interesting background or material, etc. This shot can surely be super interesting.

Face File

A fun idea could be to capture yourself with several different faces or poses all in one picture. Incorporating a film filter can make this photo idea seem like it was taken in a photo booth. This idea is also really fun because it lets you show off several different aspects of your personality in one post. This is also a great option for if you have a fun makeup or hair look that you want to show off or if you are feeling a little extra goofy and expressive that day.

On The Phone

In faux or real in-the moment pictures, consider trying out on-the-phone pics. These photos can involve vintage or normal phones and any other aspect of your pose is up to you, but with the phone in hand, there are lots of opportunities to create emotion in your face, tell a story about the picture, and even be a little flirty and fun. Consider twirling the telephone wire or laying down while on the phone to mix it up even more!

Boudoir-esque Chair Pose

For a powerful and sexy look, consider using a chair to create a boudoir-esque shot. Whether you’re fully clothed or wanting to show off a little, your confidence will come from owning that chair and the pose you choose. This is a chance to show off both your femininity and your badassery in one situation. Get ready to own that chair and that Instagram feed.

Ground To Sky

With the camera angled from the ground, point it up toward the sky so that it will be your entire background. Then, get ready for your full-body photoshoot. Show off the colorful, clear or  cloudy sky and your confidence will come across naturally. The lower angle will make you look taller and more powerful in the photos. If you’re looking to bring more beautiful confidence to your page, try out this photo idea.

Light In My Eyes

With bright light in your eyes, you can create interesting images with shadows and shapes in the light. Show off your natural beauty and get up close and personal with the camera for this unconventional yet fun and unique photo idea. If you don’t have a lot of black and white on your Instagram, this is a good way to bring that color-neutral look in and mix things up on your page.

Out of the Window

Dogs look so cute doing this and smelling and exploring the world so why shouldn’t you? Show off your adventurous side and let your hair loose and fly wild. This makes for a very exciting photo and highlights a moment of pure joy. This is something that always looks great on the feed and allows you to glow in the photo.

Which of these poses will fit in on your Instagram feed? Do you have any go-to poses you’d like to share? Did you like these Instagram photo ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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