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Stay Warm With These Layering Outfits This Winter – Here’s Some Inspiration

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I have been experimenting with more layering lately and it’s been a really fun way to keep my summer wardrobe favorites in warmer styles. It is also a great way to keep your look interesting – you’re able to include different textures, patterns, details, etc. in your outfit. There are also more ways to individualize your style when you are working with layers. All in all, I’m a big advocate for this cold-season styling technique. If you’re lost as to where to start when it comes to layering, fear not. After experimenting with layering outfits myself, I have gathered tips and tricks that make layering effortless instead of stressful. So, if you’re planning on layering clothes for winter, check out the outfits below and see which gives you the most inspiration!

Preppy Layering

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I absolutely LOVE the preppy layering look. This style is clean, easy to replicate, and uses lots of neutrals for a more “expensive” look. In this outfit, the knee-high boots over sheer tights with a skirt is so cute and very stylish! The boots offer the riding look and the skirt gives off BIG private school girl vibes. Over top of that, a sweater-vest is styled over a button-down shirt. This is a classic preppy look but also a great one to stay warm while still looking cool. Any aspects of this outfit can be mixed and matched with other staples because they all seem to be BIG layering classics.

Hippie Vibe Layering

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If you’re opting for the hippie look, then you’ve chosen a great option for staying comfy while layering up a cute outfit! In this outfit, baggy flare pants are paired with an oversized sweater and flowy vest. To complete the lovely layered look, there are lots of details included with jewelry, another great way to carry through styles in your layering. There are so many options to explore aside from these when opting for a hippie-inspired look. Anything fun, flowy, colorful, trippy, floral, etc. will do.

Casual/ Edgy Layering Look

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Something easy to try when layering is taking your favorite t-shirt over top of a long sleeved shirt in order to keep yourself warm and add a bit of a casual edgier look. These long sleeved shirts can be patterned, plain, sheer, fishnet, etc. There are SO many ways to take on this styling tip. This layered look is paired with a matching skirt and boots with, yup, our fall favorite: sheer tights.

Sweater Under Dress

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If you love wearing dresses like I do, you should definitely consider layering your dresses with sweaters underneath. In this example, a long beige dress is paired with black boots, a belt, and a cozy black turtleneck underneath the dress. The belt added shape to the look while the turtleneck added warmth and dimension through layering. This is just one of two cute ways to layer sweaters with dresses, though.

Sweater Over Dress

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Wow, wow, wow do I LOVE this combo. If I ever am feeling lost with what to do with an outfit, I’ll throw a sweater, shirt, flannel, whatever, over a dress to make a cozier, cute outfit. I also love how comfy this styling tip tends to be! It also kind of creates a bit of a babydoll look, which is really cute! In this example, a patterned dress is paired with a bright sweater over top and GORGEOUS knee-high boots. It’s an outfit of the ages.


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If you love love love your denim jacket but never wear it outside of summer because, well, it isn’t that warm, then this tip is for you. If you have a denim jacket, you can  put it over top of your whole outfit (sweaters and all) for a warm layered look. Consider layering your denim jacket with sweaters, cardigans, scarves, flannels, etc. In this example, a denim jacket is styled with a sweater, a skirt, and *ding, ding, ding* sheer tights. Don’t limit your closet to your winter jackets only – your summertime jackets may be warm enough with the power of layering clothes for winter.

Which of these layering clothes for winter ideas was your favorite? How do you layer for colder seasons?

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