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The Zillennial Zine’s Ultimate Guide To Surviving A Hangover

hangover cures for headaches

We’ve all gone a little too overboard and had to end up sleeping on the bathroom floor… just me? Well, either way, as soon as you hit that 21st birthday milestone, your life is opened up to the vast world of alcohol. You can get into bars now, you can order a drink at dinner, you can buy alcohol at Target! Crazy! Once you get started, it can be hard to reel it back. So, I thought I would prepare all my up-and-coming 21-year-olds so that you never ever have an unbearable hangover. I have all of the best hangover cures for headaches, nausea and overall discomfort. Here is the Zillennial Zine guide to surviving a hangover.

Be Prepared

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While I know it’s not possible to know every single time you’re going to be drinking, but if you are planning on going to a party or out with friends, being prepared can help. Before drinking, make sure you’re hydrated, and that your stomach is full. I would never recommend drinking on an empty stomach ever ever ever. Put some nausea medicine or tablets in your bag (or put them in your pocket) for later. Being prepared ahead of time can save you later and make you feel better in minutes, instead of having to make an extra trip to the store or having to order some meds to be delivered to you. Also, make sure you have a safe way home or have nearby sleeping arrangements! Have some Pedialyte or Gatorade waiting for you at home, ready to go that night or for the next morning.

Don’t Mix Alcohol

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You know the saying: liqueur before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Stick to this! But I would also recommend sticking to a certain kind of alcohol for the whole night. Want to mix it up? Try out a few different drinks with the same base, like a vodka sunrise, a vodka soda, and a vodka sour. Don’t bounce around from whiskey to tequila to white claws. It won’t end well and it won’t taste great coming back up, I promise.

Sleep It Off

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Relaxation and sleep are really crucial steps for a hangover. Hopefully, you’re not doing any heavy drinking the night before you have work early in the morning because your body will need time to shake it off. Honestly, some of my favorite days are hangover days, laying in bed streaming Gilmore Girls or another show, sipping on Gatorade, and eating some bread and crackers. Sleep is one of the best hangover cures for headaches and nausea. Remember those sick days you had when you were a kid? Yeah, like that but for a grown-up. Put on some TV, lay around and relax. Hangovers are even more fun with friends, so if you slept over at your buddy’s house, order some light breakfast, lay around and hang out until it has passed.

Don’t Eat Heavy

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I know everyone always says you want to eat heavy carbs to soak the alcohol up, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While you should definitely eat some carbs, I wouldn’t recommend eating a bunch of greasy food before drinking heavily. High protein foods are great to eat before drinking a bunch, or just some plain toast and butter. My girls and I usually eat some bread, cereal or crackers throughout the night if we’re drinking at home, so we’re fueling our bodies. It seems to work pretty well. A PB&J amidst drinking also is an amazing idea – and tastes like 1000% better than it would if you were sober.

Get Your Body Moving

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I know you’re not going to want to run a marathon the night after drinking, but moving your body a little can only help. Personally, the fresh air feels amazing when you have a hangover. Step outside and take a very light and slow walk, or do some calming yoga or stretches. While I love to lay in bed all day as much as the next, moving your body a little will really help you out in the long run. I’ve had mornings where I felt absolutely terrible, but then I stepped outside and felt so much better. If you’re too sick to get outside, open up a window. Fresh air and a little bit of movement will do you wonders.

What are your hangover cures for headaches, nausea and other symptoms? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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