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Create Your Own DIY Furniture With These DIY Cinder Block Projects

Furniture is expensive, sometimes even when you’re looking to buy secondhand. So, why not make your own? Ok, before you click out thinking these DIYs are going to be nearly impossible for someone with an actual life, read on! With cinder blocks, the cheap and sturdy building blocks of life, you can DIY practically anything furniture-wise. So, for some inspiration on where cinder blocks can take your design dreams, keep scrolling for 10 Cinder Block DIY decor ideas.

Wine Organizer

In need of an organizational system for your wine? Look no further than cinder blocks! These cheap blocks often contain crevices that are a great size for sliding a bottle (or a few) of wine through. With cinder blocks, you can stack and organize your wine vertically and in an out-of-the-way kind of way. With this DIY, you also get a bit of storage atop your wine storage unit! With this space, you can show off some decor or even keep your wine glasses and accessories for a ready-to-drink experience!

Coffee Bar

Similar to the wine station, you can use cinder blocks to fashion a coffee bar! Simply gather up some blocks and wood to create a shelved unit perfect for storing your coffee and tea accessories and gadgets. If you’re a coffee lover, this is a great way to carve out a dedicated space for your morning cup. It’s also a great way to show your guests that you mean business when it comes to getting caffeinated.

Outdoor Planter

Cinder blocks are mostly used for outdoor projects, so it makes sense to include a few for inspiration. If you have a yard, patio, balcony, or other outdoor space, this planter might be the perfect way to incorporate greenery into your outdoor space. By painting and stacking the cinder blocks, you can create an interesting look to this planter and use the cinder blocks to design the perfect planter for you, your space, and your plants!

Dining Table

This dining table diy convinced me that you can pretty much make anything with cinder blocks if you get a little creative. A wall and stacked cinder blocks hold this dining table up, giving it a rustic, farmhouse feel to the dining space. It also is a WAY more affordable alternative to purchasing a dining table, which can be a mammoth of an expense. Instead, you can head to the hardware store, pick up some cinder blocks and a wooden surface for close to ten dollars and make your own dining table just in your style!

Cubby Shelves

I am always in need of more storage space. Whoops. But if you’re like me and could use a bit more storage room, maybe try out this cinder block DIY decor idea! You can use the blocks and wood to assemble the skeleton structure of this cubby storage unit, then, take some wooden crates in each of the empty cubbies. This offers some coverage so everything in this storage unit looks more organized and concealed. This is a great, cheap alternative to some other storage units available, and bonus, you can shift up and change the structure of a cinder block organizer whenever you’d like.

Firewood Rack

If you have a fireplace that you use, you probably already have arrangements for your firewood… But if you don’t, let me turn you onto this other cinder block DIY. This organizational hack is as simple as stacking up a few cinder blocks and allowing the holes to be cubbies for you to stack firewood into. Whether you keep this wood organizer inside or outside, the cinder blocks should help keep the wood organized and dry for when you use the pieces in a fire.

Outdoor Bench

Another thing that I feel is unnecessarily expensive is outdoor furniture. Having an outdoor seating space for you to hang out and entertain guests shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. So, if you take a few wooden planks and cinder blocks, you can assemble an outdoor bench for cheap and host as many outdoor get-togethers on a budget as your heart desires. I like this method of using the holes already in the cinder blocks as holders to reinforce the wood and I think this assembling tactic can be taken and applied to several different DIY projects as well!

Bedside Table

In need of a bedside table in a pinch? We got you. This bedside table was likely under $5 and probably took less than 5 minutes to assemble, which is what I love most about cinder block DIY projects. You can achieve storage and decor that is unique so quickly and for so cheap! While this DIY completely uses cinder blocks, other materials can be included for a surface atop the table or for reinforcements elsewhere, etc.


By this point, it should be no surprise that you’d be able to fashion a chic desk like this one using materials as affordable as those you’d pick up at the hardware store. Yet, this desk still amazes me. It shows that minimalists and maximalists alike have a place for cinder blocks in their decor at home. There are so many ways this desk could be dressed up, decorated, etc. However, keeping it simple and as-is celebrates the popular minimalist style. Cinder blocks really do offer the best of both worlds!

Coffee Table

I absolutely love this coffee table. It is so amazingly simple, only including the cinder blocks and a glass table top, but glass tables are a picture of luxury and fanciness in my mind, and using the cinder blocks to fashion this expensive look blows my mind. I think this coffee table looks great and like something someone could have bought for a couple hundred dollars instead of something easily made at home.

Which of these cinder block DIY decor ideas would look great in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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