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Crystals For Beginners: How To Use Them and How To Choose Them

So, you’re trying to break your way into the witchy spiritual sphere? Me too. After doing a little research, one of the easiest ways to channel your intentions, manipulate energy, and manifest is through crystals. And, bonus! It’s one of the prettiest ways to do so as well. While embarking on a crystal journey can be exciting, it can also be daunting, especially with all the variety in options out there. Now, I’m no expert on geology or crystal magic, but I can guide you through a few introductory crystals and what they are used for to get you started with them. So, without further ado, here are some crystals for beginner learners and what they are used for!


Selenite is a great crystal to use for vibe cleansing. If you want to cleanse a space for example, you can wave a selenite wand or rod around the room to cleanse its energy. It’s like a slate clearer. Because of its clearing abilities, when used, selenite can help see a deeper or whole picture. Confusions can be cleared with Selenite just as it clears the bad vibes. Because of this, it can also be seen as a stone that has a calming effect to it. So, if you need some assistance while making a decision, selenite is a great choice to meditate with, keep near, or carry around.


Need help with your intuition, balance, or getting assistance from higher wisdom? Then Amethyst might be the rock for you. Amethyst is not only one of my favorites because of its gorgeous purple hue, it also makes me feel more connected to the universe around me. I know it may sound crazy, but when I wear amethysts, I find myself more in tune with my environment in a way that I cannot necessarily control. It helps make you more receptive to things that would set off your intuition by opening your third eye to higher wisdom. With this opening, you may be able feel better balanced and sure of yourself. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and the heart. It can be used to attract love from others but also to open up your heart and help project your love outward. Whether it is giving or receiving, love can be manifested with a rose quartz by holding one during meditation, wearing one, giving one to a crush or loved one, putting one under your bed, etc. Like other crystals, being clear with your intentions while using the crystals will help guide your practices.


Who doesn’t need a little extra dose of confidence? Okay, don’t answer that… But there are a lot of us that would benefit from a little bit of a confidence booster. Carnelian stones are supposed to help give you a boost in your confidence and help you be more sure of yourself. You can carry it when you are confronting a situation that might require that little bit more confidence like giving a presentation, asking for a promotion, asking for your crushes number, etc. Carnelian is a great stone if you’re looking for one to carry around on the day-to-day. Just remember to set your intentions with it, like with other crystals.


The bad vibes have to go and malachite gets it. This crystal works to absorb negativity and negative energy in a space. Whether you’re trying to recover from trauma, clear bad vibes in a room after a fight, or whatever, this stone is a great one to keep in a wand to wave around rooms or as something you set in a room to work it’s bad vibe clearing magic in. I think Malachite can also be useful on oneself. It can be easy to often find oneself in a bad mood or waking up on the “wrong side of the bed.” This is totally normal, but wouldn’t you much rather shoo away all that bad energy and negativity? Try using Malachite for this! Perhaps through meditation or journaling with intention and placing the Malachite atop your journal.

Black Tourmaline

Ever wish you could have a little bit of extra protection in your day-to-day life? I mean, the world is a scary place, I certainly would. Black Tourmaline is a stone used for protection and can certainly be a great security-rock. You don’t necessarily have to be fleeing from dangers like the ones the Mystery Gang was fighting, but keeping black tourmaline in your car might help aid in a safe journey, or keeping it in your pocket for a flight might do the same. Keeping it in your house might help with protection from intrusion or bad energy from entering your space, which is why it is such a great stone for beginners to have handy!


Who needs a good luck charm when you have a good luck crystal? But seriously, Aventurine acts sort of like a good luck charm in that it helps bring about prosperity and well, luck. So, naturally this is an amazing stone to meditate with and use for manifestation. Manifesting with aventuring can make your practices all the more effective, trust me. This is also an amazing stone for carrying around in your pockets or perhaps even wearing as jewelry for a daily dose of luck and good fortune. 


Perhaps Citrine is the reason why the color yellow is associated so closely with happiness. Citrine is used to bring about brightness and positivity. I love this crystal because it’s presence seems to brighten up a room. Keeping it in your space can help the good times keep rolling, and keeping it on you might help promote a cheerful and positive mood. If you struggle with looking on the bright side of things or feeling depressed, citrine is a great stone for easing up the vibes and opening up opportunity for fun and happiness.

Clear Quartz

Confused? Distracted? Tired? Cloudy? Get yourself some clear quartz. This is one of the first crystals I owned and a perfect beginner crystal for people because it helps guide you by clearing up all that might be in your way. I often find myself feeling cloudy, foggy or tired. Clear quartz is meant to help clear up that sensation and bring about a greater sense of awareness, energy, and clarity. This stone is a great one when it comes to making decisions, studying, working, etc. I also think clear quartz is a great one for wearing to keep oneself clear of confusion, distraction, etc.

Do you have any of these crystals? Which ones do you need most? Let us know in the comments! What other tips do you have for crystals for beginner starters?

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