Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks – Tips For Lovely Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and whether you have a Valentine or not, it is still fun to show off your holiday spirit through your makeup. Valentine’s Day is all about the red and pink hues, and while you won’t get pinched for not wearing them, it is similar to wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t worry, that article will be coming next month… For Valentine’s Day makeup looks, I’ve gathered some inspiration and palettes to help you channel your inner Cupid.


Shades of browns and pinks go lovely together just like chocolates and roses! For eyes, go bold or go minimal depending on your plans for the evening. To make it easy, just apply the brown or chocolate shade on your lids and line it under your eye, then apply a light pink, shimmery shade from the crease to brow bone and a little on your inner eye tear duct area! Viola. You are reflecting the holiday with a warm and rosy look that everyone will be drawn to!

Two of my fave eyeshadow palettes to use for this look are from Morphe and Colourpop because they are not only affordable but very high quality and gorgeous!


It can be tricky to wear heavy lip products right now because we need to wear masks in specific settings. Because of this, I have chosen lighter and less goopy options for our lips this holiday. Very bright and sticky glosses are bound to just make a mess! A solution to this super common issue is wearing a long-wearing lipstick or a stain instead! Because even though you don’t want it to be sticky and messy, a classic pink, purple or red lip is perfect for this holiday! Step out of your comfort zone with a gorgeous wine-colored lip, or keep it soft and neutral with a soft pink. Here are a few I would recommend:


If there is one day of the year where wearing blush and highlighter is necessary – it most definitely is Valentine’s Day! This is the day for soft pink cheeks and glowy and sparkly highlighter. In order to show off your holiday spirit, you’ll want to look sweet and sparkly like an angel! To capture this soft and glowy look, I’ve chosen some of the best highlighters and blushes on the market! Personally, Rare Beauty is stepping up to the task, but if you’re wanting to splurge Charlotte Tilbury is always a fantastic and high-quality option. Here are my favorite blushes and highlighters:

Blush options:

Highlighter options:

We hope this article had some perfect Valentine’s Day makeup looks for you! Let us know if you have any other ideas for your holiday makeup looks in the comment section below! Have a lovely and loving Valentine’s Day, friends!

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