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Cutest Reusable Grocery Bags To Help You Save The Earth One Shop At A Time

cutest reusable grocery bags

It’s 2022, y’all. Why are you still walking out of the store with a plastic bag? We all know how horrible consistent single-use plastic consumption is, so here’s my not-so-subtle way of encouraging you to do better. It really is super easy to carry around a reusable bag… or a few. It also makes your grocery shopping experience a whole lot cuter, cause let’s admit it… Those plastic bags ain’t cute. So, to help you out, I’ve gathered a list of the cutest reusable grocery bags on the internet. Yes, upping your sustainability points is just one click away. It’s so easy, we have no excuses.

Reversible Canvas Tote

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 3.51.15 PM

While the peach pattern on this tote bag is absolutely adorable, if it’s the vibe for the day, not to worry! This bag is reversible! It’s basically two bags in one when you can change up its look like that. Additionally, this canvas tote would be a great reusable grocery bag option because of its large storage capacity and the durability of the canvas material. For just $12.88, this bad boy can accompany you on all your grocery runs and help you look stylish doing it.

Hand Dyed French Market Bags

cutest reusable grocery bags

I love the idea of market bags made with cotton netted material. This style of grocery bag is so minimalistically cute, that I have a hard time saying no when I see them. These hand dyed French market bags come in tons of color options and can pretty much carry anything. Despite this, I think they’re especially exceptional reusable produce bags. Each bag goes for $13.00+, and will probably last a long, long time.

Linen Bread Bag

cutest reusable grocery bags

Yes, this grocery bag is called a bread bag – and you most certainly can store and keep bread fresh in this bag – but this linen bag has a whole lot more potential than its name gives it credit for. For $15 and up, these bags come in a lot of color options and are awesome storage bags for items you want to keep fresh or also for bulk goods. Because they’re sealed with drawstrings and don’t have holes, you can fill ‘em up with bulk rice, beans, lentils, etc. and avoid upcarges and waste that comes with not shopping in bulk.

Trader Hoe Canvas Tote Bag

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 4.01.28 PM

This tote bag is especially perfect for anyone who frequently shops at Trader Joe’s. Not only is this bag hilarious, it’s also pretty cute! Bonus points if you’re able to wear it to its namesake store! Going for $18.88, this cute and solid grocery bag is an awesome addition to your repertoire and shows off your personality!

Little Fruits

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 4.03.28 PM

You’ve probably seen these type of reusable bags out there, but I couldn’t resist adding them to this list because I’ve always thought they were adorable. These little fruit reusable bags folds up into little packages that are easy to carry around with you anywhere, so you’ll never have to use those pesky plastic bags again! For $15.88, you can get a huge pack of these little fruit bags, which in my book, is a hell of a deal!

Nylon Reusable Grocery Bags

cutest reusable grocery bags

While there are TONS of adorable patterns available for these nylon reusable grocery bags, the pack with the strawberry, orange, and tomato patterned bags are by far my favorite. Also, the fact that they come in packs is awesome, because who really leaves the grocery store with just one bag only? For the pack of three of these rip resistant bags, expect to pay around $36.

Large Capacity Grocery Tote

cutest reusable grocery bags

Ever wish you had somewhere to slip something small in a bigger grocery bag? Well, now you do, with this $12.98 Large Capacity Grocery Tote with an inner pocket. Store handy items like your phone, keys, lip balm, etc. Or, store your smaller grocery purchases like your last-minute candy bar purchases. Not to mention, this tote is made out of some super strong fabric, so you don’t have to worry about heavier items like cans wearing down your bag.

Foldable Grocery Bags

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 4.09.56 PM

I love the idea of grocery bags that stand up on their own, especially when you don’t want ingredients spilling out and rolling around in your trunk or back seat. Also, aside from being able to stand up on their own, these reusable grocery bags are also foldable, so they pack away really neatly as well. For $19.99, you can get a pack of these three patterned reusable bags that are sturdy, functional, and fashionable!

Which one of these cutest reusable grocery bags matches your style most? Let us know in the comments!

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