Witchy & Holistic Skin Care Tips To Help Clear Your Skin (And Mind)

holistic skin care

Sometimes, when all else fails, we try something we never thought we might to improve our skin condition. Skin health has major impacts on one’s mental wellbeing, as many beauty standards revere clear skin as one of the defining factors of what it means to be beautiful. Sometimes, our body responds best to a more holistic approach, and while these tricks for skin health may seem a little witchy, believe me, they can have a major effect on your skin health! With mainstream opinion shifting toward listening to what was once considered pseudoscience and considering the actual repercussions of manipulating energies and manifesting with natural remedies. So, if you’re looking to dip your toes into some witchy tricks for skin health or some holistic skin care, keep on reading, it may be easier than you thought to get your skin glowing again!


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Yup, we’re hopping back on that manifestation train… But don’t knock it until you try it. When it comes to anything, skin health included, it helps to visualize where you want to be. Manifestation is not about fixating on the things that will get you to where you want to be. When it comes to skin health, you ought not be fixating and spending all of your time, effort, energy, and money on how you can achieve that perfect skin… Instead, visualize what that perfect skin looks like to you. How do you feel about it? How do you maintain it? Thinking in a sense that you already have what you are striving for casts your mindset away from the “what if’s” and directs you toward living up to what you wanted. 

Manifesting good skin health can come in many shapes and forms, but I find it helpful to use time getting ready in the morning and getting unready at night to repeat affirmations that help manifest clear skin. Other manifestation methods like journaling, positive speak, etc. are awesome ways to get closer to your goals.

Using Crystals

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Wait… there are crystals for skin health? Yep. Let’s break them down. Calming stones like Amethyst can be used to help relax oneself and reduce stress, because of this, the stone has a great effect on one’s skin health by reducing stress-caused skin issues like pimples or wrinkles and promoting much needed beauty rest. Jade has been traditionally used to promote circulation and reduce puffiness as well as for its other healing properties. Applying jade to your skin directly either via gua sha or roller can work wonders for your skin health. There are many more crystals that might directly and indirectly improve one’s skin health, so it’s definitely something worth looking into.

Helpful Herbs

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We all know the power some herbs have to heal and soothe our bodies. But did you know that so many of them are miracle workers when it comes to promoting skin health? Whether you steam water with the herbs, make tea, smoke them, burn them, apply their oil, etc. these following herbs can be implemented into your witchy self-care routine for improved skin health: Chamomile (calming and reduces inflammation), Sage (antioxidant), Mint (naturally contains salicylic acid), Aloe (soothing), Rosemary (moisturizing), etc.

Establishing Rituals

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Rituals are a great way to not only establish consistency, but also send out what you need from the universe and invite the opportunity to receive what you need. Rituals can be as simple as saying a few positive affirmations when completing one’s skincare routine. Or, you can light a candle and do some deep breathing when you are applying your mint oil. Whatever it may be, employing thoughtfulness and routine can certainly help make anything come to be, so why should your skin health be any different?

Spell Jars

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You may or may not have seen spell jars like this one floating around TikTok. They can be used for a variety of reasons, but including ingredients like herbs and oils good for skin health can help transform these spells into ones that might benefit your skin. If you’re completely new to the idea of creating spell jars, or you just don’t know where to get started with yours, check out this YouTube video, which offers a tutorial with explanations.

Moon Water

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Wait, you’re still washing your face with regular water? Why? Well, what I mean to say is, why not charge that water up with all the juicy goodness the moon has to offer? Let some water sit under a full moon to soak up some lunar powers to use when cleansing your face throughout they lunar cycle. This can bring an extra bit of intention to your skincare routine and also help charge your skin with some pretty powerful energy boosters.

Energy Absorbers

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Speaking of energy, what if your skin issues are a matter of getting rid of any lintering negative skin energy? Doesn’t seem too far off when you really think about it. Your skin takes on all the bad vibes and has to deal with it all. It bears the weight of our stressors, our environment, etc. What if we gave our skin the opportunity to have its negative energy absorbed using energy absorbers. Perhaps you need to smudge your space to soak up all those bad vibes, perhaps you can give yourself a salt water bath, maybe you can even fill your home with plants that will take on a bit of that energy burden for you.

Do you think you’ll try any of these witchy tips for skin health? Do you have any holistic skin care tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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