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Do You Remember These Often-Forgotten Childhood Movies? We Sure Do!

Have you ever had one of those conversations with someone when you’re trying to go down memory lane but they’re not remembering anything you’re talking about? You’re like “oh, do you remember this?” and they’re like “No, sorry.” That happens to me all the time, especially when talking about childhood movies. Did you guys have a bunch of obscure VHS tapes that your grandma got from Big Lots, or was that just me? Honestly, I had so many random childhood movies from the 90s that no one seems to remember, so I decided to go down memory lane on my own to see if there is anybody out there who remembers them, too. Some of these were even hard to find online, so I thought I made them up.

The Ugly Duckling (1997)

Holy crap. Rewatching this on YouTube, I was transported back into my childhood bedroom. Basically, in this version of the classic Ugly Duckling story, the duckling meets this mouse girl named Scruffy and they embark on a journey to realize they’re not different, they’re unique. Also, their song has been stuck in the depths of my mind forever. This movie was also presented by Crayola, which makes zero sense but also so much sense at the same time.

Once Upon A Forest (1993)

I remember bits and pieces of this movie like it was yesterday. This cute story follows a mouse, mole and hedgehog on their journey to say their friend badger. Basically, this movie is the reason I’m such an environmentalist because it talks about oil pollutants and how it affects our forests. Call little me an Earth activist, because this movie changed my little life. If you haven’t seen it, I’d actually recommend it.

A Troll in Central Park (1994)

I was obsessed with this movie. Basically, the dinosaurs are back, and they were brought back a scientist named Neweyes. This scientist has boosted their intelligence and cuteness though, so they’re a bit different than the dinosaurs used to be. But trouble ensues when Neweye’s evil brother wants to revert them back into the beasts they are supposed to be. This all is also happening while a little boy and girl are running away from home.

The Secret Of Nimh (1982)

This one is a little more well-known since it was made by MGM, but I find it is still pretty obscure. I’m also finding that a lot of the obscure childhood movies had really dark undertones, much like this one, We’re Back and Once Upon a Forest. There’s just something kinda dark about them, but even so, I loved them as a kid. The Secret of Nihm has a similar story to Once Upon a Forest and is about a mother (widowed) mouse who has to move her children because a farmer will start plowing their land. 

5 Children And It (2004)

I truly feel as if I am the only person who has ever seen this movie. For one, Freddie Highmore is in it! So it can’t be that obscure, right? Otherwise, I really liked this movie at first, until I got sick on a road trip while watching it on one of those car DVD players. Then, it really creeped me out and made me feel nauseous. Still kinda does. Has anybody else seen this ugly green creature? Help a girl out.

What childhood movies from the 90s do you remember? Any obscure ones or deep cuts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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