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30 Day Social Media Content Challenge To Help Balance Your Self Care And Posting

content challenge

Balancing self care and social media can often seem like an impossible task. For most of us, it may seem like we must choose one or the other… But why not incorporate a bit of self care into your life online? Heck, why not make it a challenge? When it comes to self care, social media doesn’t have to go completely out the window! In fact, check out this 30-day social media content challenge I’ve arranged below! It’ll prove that there are ways to participate in self care while still remaining active online. For the 30 days of posting prompts, keep on reading!

Clean slate

content challenge

Not that this content needs to be a transformative experience, but starting off with a clean slate can be helpful sometimes. This can mean whatever it means to you! Perhaps you take the time to give your home a good clean, you can share that feeling of freshness and accomplishment with others online! Or, perhaps you want to give yourself a deep clean, spa-style. Whatever it is you decide to do, do it with the intention of freshness and newness in your life. This might help you kick off this content challenge on the right foot.

Currently reading…

content challenge

This one is easy, but it can help prompt you to pick up a book if you haven’t in a while, which always seems to be a form of self care that I appreciate once I start back up again. This post is pretty straightforward, but if you’d want to include a little review or synopsis of the book you are currently reading, you might spike the interest of some of your followers to read that book as well!

First thing that made me smile today


This is one of the most wholesome ones on this list. What’s the first thing that made you smile today? Whatever that is, photograph and share it! Whether it’s a person, your surroundings, or just something small and simple, whatever brings you joy is worth a snap and a share. This not only helps you practice gratitude, it also allows you to pick out moments within your day that genuinely bring a smile to your face!

Food appreciation post


While this one may seem a bit cheesy to some, I love a good food appreciation post. If not just because they make me hungry, food appreciation posts also cultivate an appreciation for the meals we’re eating. It is so often that we can take for granted the privilege many of us have to eat nutritious and delicious food on the regular! Sending out a little food appreciation post not only shows your gratitude for that, it also inspires you to get creative with your palette more often, which is a form of self care in itself.

Long distance connections


Missing your far-away friends, lover, family? Give them a call or video chat with them! Catching up can feel amazing and help with loneliness, even if your loved ones are oceans away. This simple act will not only brighten your day, but sharing about it might inspire others to reach out to their loved ones who are far away, maybe even you!

Unapologetic selfie

content challenge

I feel like this one can go without explanation but I’ll throw one in anyway. You are gorgeous. You are worthy of being in front of the camera. You’re beautiful self deserves to be on that Instagram (or whatever) feed. People will love it! And if they don’t, you will! Because you look damn good in that selfie and you felt damn good in that selfie! Be unapologetic about it and see how good that can feel.

Doing your passion

content challenge

Our passions can define us in some ways, but they don’t make up who we are entirely. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a space on our feeds and in our hearts! Post a photo of you doing your passion! Chances are, you’ll look more bright and alive here than in a lot of your other photos. Look at yourself, glowing and getting in your flow! It’s impressive, show it off a little!



Time to take it waaaaay back… or even just a little bit back. Whether it was forever ago or just a month ago, you’re constantly changing, growing, and evolving as a person. You’ve come a long way even if it seems like you haven’t. Posting a little #TransformationTuesday is an awesome way to recognize the progress you’ve made as well as reminisce on times that now can only exist in memory.

Journal view


If you don’t already journal daily, this photo prompt will get you writing at least a little. Post a journal view– and make your writing as visible or elusive as you’d like. The point of this one is to get yourself writing and reflecting… Maybe you’ll come up on something worth turning the pages and writing more.

Music magic

content challenge

What is your favorite album? What have you been jamming to lately? What song has been getting stuck in your head until you find yourself choreographing a routine in the laundry room to it? Share that music with others, maybe they’ll love it as much as you!

DIY project

content challenge

Doing a DIY project can be challenging, but believe me, the final result is always so satisfying. Give yourself that pride and satisfaction and embark on a new challenge of making something yourself. Figuring out how to do it may take just as long as completing the DIY itself, but that post showing off your project will show that it was all worth it.

Furry friend


Spending time with animals can improve your mood ten fold. If you need to give yourself a little extra care, spending time around some of your furry friends is a great remedy. However, you have the opportunity to share that bit of love and sunshine online with others! I know even pictures and videos of animals can succeed in making me smile.

Get outside


We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, nature therapy is one of the best therapies. Seeing, smelling, feeling, and moving through nature can all be soothing and calming. Not to mention, you’ll probably also see some great views! Snap a few pictures to remember your time and share your outdoor adventures with others!

Get active


Another quick mood booster is exercise. Whether it’s yoga or skiing, crossfit or swimming, moving your body releases endorphins that keep you feeling good longer. Get active and see what this self-care activity is all about!

Solo date

content challenge

Many people have the very reasonable fear of being alone in public. We oftentimes do not want to be perceived as being lonely. But you can be some of your best company! Let’s erase that fear of being out on our own, and replace it with fun memories of spending time with yourself! When you’re with only you, you can almost truly do whatever you’d like! Take yourself out on that solo date and fall in love with you a little more. Share your experience online, and maybe someone else will take themselves out too.

Spa day


Like I said when discussing the fresh start photo prompt, cleaning yourself off and taking that extra time to pay attention to your appearance and cleanliness can really make you feel taken care of . Also, we might not think about it much, but giving yourself a spa day can turn into a super cute photoshoot really quickly!

Inspirational sticky note


OK, this one’s a little cheesy too, but it’s also awesome. What’s your bit of inspiration you wish to offer the world? What’s that bit of inspiration the world offered you? Share it! This little meaningful jumble of words can help spread positivity, inspiration, and joy.

Treat yourself

content challenge

Yes, I know this is a self-care challenge that also involves a lot of spreading care and kindness to others, but this one is all about you. Treat yourself! However you know best, can best, or want to. Something you’ve been wanting for a while? Treat yourself to it! A new coffee spot you’re wanting to try out, treat yourself! Small little rewards, or even big ones, make life exciting and fun for ourselves. Don’t deprive yourself of everything! Treat yourself!

Show off your unique style


Props on the style! Time to show it off. Put on your favorite outfit and showcase it to the world! When we’re in the clothes that seem to say “this is me,” we tend to feel our most confident. Exude that energy and show off your style on this 19th day of posting.

New experience


If you don’t try something new all the time, this one little push might send you toward new things all the time. New experiences are how we learn and grow and figure out who we are. Sometimes trying something new is exciting, other times it’s scary, but most of the time, we tend to not regret trying that new thing in the first place. What’s the harm in trying? Show off your bravery and sense of adventure by sharing the new experience you tried.

Gratitude post

pexels-cottonbro-3171465 (2)

Thought you were going to get through this challenge without a gratitude post? Well, you are mistaken, my friend. Expressing gratitude is a bigger form of self care than it may seem on the surface. What are you grateful for? This can be about anything or anyone! Just show your gratitude and love!

Stranger no more


Is there someone in your life who is a bit of a stranger to you? Have you met someone new but don’t know too much about them yet? Do you see someone really cool around a bunch but never say hello? It is time to make this person a stranger no more. Do what you can to make a new friend or connection and hopefully, it’ll end up being one that lasts! We find our people in the most unexpected of places, perhaps your new best friend is hiding behind the face of a stranger.

Your people


One of the best feelings in the world is realizing that you have found “your people”. The few (or many) individuals who seem to get you like no one else, who you have the most fun being around, etc. Whether you have one person or ten who fit this description, show them some love in today’s post. You’ll probably brighten their day, and you’ll be reminded of the love and support you found with these people.

Mantra moment


What’s your mantra? “Create a life you can be proud of”, “I am not afraid to be wrong,” “my commitment to myself is unbreakable” are all great mantras to not only share online, but keep in your head throughout your day. This way, you’ll maintain the positive, productive mindset you need to hold onto and again, perhaps inspire others to do so as well.

My top 10…


OK, that last one got a little serious… So here’s a fun one for well, fun’s sake. What’s your top 10… you pick! Top 10 favorite foods, top 10 favorite movies, top 10 memories from the last year, top 10 places you’ve visited… Whatever you feel like reflecting on, find your top 10! This will help you connect to those great things that you love, even if they’re as simple as 10 really good songs.

Give back and inspire others


Helping out others can do so much for our souls. I often feel like giving back is a form of self care, even if you are ultimately caring for someone else. When you start to look at others as being part of the same shared experience you are also part of, caring for others ends up being self care too. At least that’s why I think we feel so good when we do something selfless. So, use this challenge as an opportunity to volunteer or otherwise give back and inspire others within your community and beyond! From beach clean ups to food banks to volunteer sports clinics, there’s bound to be something that piques your interest AND gets you involved out there. Do it and share that great feeling with the world! Others might join in on the good-deed-doing.

Drive with the windows down


I don’t care, one of the best feelings in the world is riding down a pretty road with the windows down and listening to some really good music. Simple pleasures like this can have an immense effect on our moods, and they can also help to get us living in the moment a little more. Share this euphoric feeling on your feed, capturing your feeling in one picture!

Breakfast in bed

content challenge

Whether you make it yourself, or you’re lucky enough to be treated to some breakfast in bed, snap a pic of appreciation. This helps remind you that it really is about the little things in life. This little simple and slow treat to yourself can also help you get the day started off right and cozy, it is all about mindset, after all!

Make art


I don’t care if you never make art or if you do it every day, pick up some tools and get creative! You have so much inside your brain and some of it might just be waiting to get poured out into some creative expression. Sharing your art is also a cool way to sort of wear your heart on your sleeve and be vulnerable with your audience as well as taking a bit of extra care for yourself at the same time.

Watch the sunrise or sunset


Whether the sun is bringing in a new day or closing out the old one, there is something so refreshing about a sunrise or sunset. Appreciate the spectacular show that nature puts on twice a day, and share it in today’s content post. Perhaps you can even use this moment of watching the sunset or sunrise as one of contemplation, gratitude, or even reflection. You did it!

Will you try out this 30-day self care social media content challenge? If so, tag us in your posts and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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