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These Shoes Were Made For Hot Girl Walking, And That’s Just What We’ll Do

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If you haven’t seen it on TikTok yet, a “hot girl walk” is a form of exercise used to warm up your body while bringing you confidence and joy at the same time. The idea of a hot girl walk was created by Mia (aka @exactlyliketheothergirls on TikTok). Mia wanted a way to boost her confidence, to get out of the house and to find a way to move her body (especially during the early stages of the pandemic, didn’t we all?) and so she decided she would go on a four-mile walk every day in which she thought about how hot she was, the things she was grateful for, her goals, and feel like a badass as she strutted through her neighborhood. Since then, the #HotGirlWalk has been a giant trend, and for good reason. But how do you join in and what do you need? We got you.


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Step 1: Face your thoughts

“A lot of people think that the Hot Girl Walk is about weight loss, but it’s not. The biggest transformations are the ones that start internally.”

Like Mia says, the whole point of the hot girl walk is not to lose weight, but to change your internal thought process. While the walk has some amazing health benefits and will get you out of the house and moving, it’s actually about your thoughts. While a ton of people like to listen to podcasts on their walks, Mia encourages her followers to walk to music and to face their thoughts and inner voice. While it might be awkward or boring for you to walk four miles with only some music and yourself to keep you company, this is exactly what Mia intended with her walks. You are only allowed to think about three things on your walk:

  1. Everything you’re grateful for
  2. How hot you are
  3. Your goals

With these three things in mind, you’ll hopefully feel confident as your walk around, strutting and thinking only great things about yourself. Mia also shares that this will help you face your goals and live better because you’ll be more in tune with your internal dialogue and you won’t feel trapped in the silence. It can be easy to always want to fill the silence, but instead, you should feel comfortable enough to listen to yourself.


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♬ original sound – Mia

Step 2: Find an outdoor space to walk and feel safe

One of the main parts of a hot girl walk is to go outside! So, in order to participate correctly, you’ll want to find somewhere outside where you can walk. This might be around your neighborhood, walking to and from a favorite coffee shop or store, or maybe even at a nearby park! Wherever you are, make sure it is outdoors! But, also make sure it is a safe location. To make sure it’s safe, go somewhere populated, maybe hot girl walk with a friend, always walk in the daytime, and bring a safety tool with you. Here are some of our favorite fashionable safety tools that you can easily bring with you!


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♬ original sound – Mia

Step 3: Incorporate it into your routine

The hot girl walk is meant to be done every day. Every single day. While that might seem unattainable, it really isn’t so much. First of all, it’s accessible and easy. As long as you are physically able to, we all walk around all day anyway. It also doesn’t cost any money. If you are just starting out, maybe try to slowly incorporate it, but eventually, it should be a part of your daily routine. Walk for four miles every day, while thinking happy thoughts and your life will be changed. Easy? Maybe not, but definitely attainable. You just have to be committed. 

Are you thinking about trying out the Hot Girl Walk? Let us know in the comment section below! We’d love to hear about if it has helped you or not!

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