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10 Simple Ways To Help You Get More Connected To Nature

how to connect with nature

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s fall editorial intern Hannah Yarrington. Find her on Instagram at @513hny. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

With the fall colors in full swing and the milder climate, I’ve wanted to be outside more than ever. Whether reading a book out by a creek or simply walking around my college campus, I find myself taking a moment to gaze at all the beautiful orange and red trees, listening to the birds chirp and the leaves rustle. But sometimes, our busy schedules don’t allow for these moments, and we find ourselves losing touch with our environment, especially if we live in places that don’t have many trees or mountains. So today, I will tell you all how to connect with nature in several simple ways to help you feel more balanced and at peace in your life.

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Go on hike

One of my favorite ways to be outside is going on hikes. Whether you live in a mountainous region like me or just like walking dirt paths along tree lines, hiking is a great way to see all the beautiful things nature has to offer. Try bringing a friend or spouse with you and get some good exercise and see some gorgeous views.

Sit outside

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, making your morning beverage and sitting on your porch, listening to the birds sing can be a lovely way to start your morning. It can give you time to reflect on the place you live, plan out your day, and just get some good fresh air in your lungs.


I don’t know about you, but I love picnics and wish I did them more often. Not only can you dress up and get some really aesthetic photos (here’s a comprehensive guide to having the perfect picnic), you can soak up some vitamin D and hang out with some friends while keeping off your phones.

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Start a garden

Starting a flower or vegetable garden and nurturing another living thing is probably one of the best ways to feel connected to nature. You can start growing your own food and create a good relationship with the environment around you while also being sustainable (here are some tips on how to grow your own veggie garden. You can also grow some house plants as well if you live in an area with no yard. 

Become informed about environmental issues

I believe that understanding nature and helping nature go hand in hand, and one shouldn’t exist without the other. Staying informed about environmental issues our earth faces and different ways you can change your everyday life to be more sustainable can significantly impact the future of climate change. Some trusted resources to start with are National Geographic, Grist, and The New York Times, where you can look up everyday issues we face and what you can do as an individual to combat them. 

Drive more scenic routes/parkways

As opposed to always getting on the highway to go to your destinations, perhaps you can make more time to take backroads and scenic routes to see more of nature while on the go if you don’t have much other time to sit outside. I also love driving on my local parkway and stopping at outlooks to take pictures of the views.

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Hot girl walks

Hot girl walks, you know them, and you love them. Just spending 15 minutes walking around your neighborhood can not only help you get some exercise, but you can also take some time to notice the little things in your area that make it unique (here is our guide to hot girl walks). 

Try photography

Taking pictures of nature’s beauty helps us preserve the memory of those places and share that same beauty with others. Pictures of lakes, mountains, and sunsets help us remember how insignificant our problems are in the grand scheme of things and also motivate us to work to keep our nature intact. 

Paint or read outdoors

As I mentioned earlier, another of my favorite ways to connect with nature and be outside is to do something creative while sitting on grass. Read a book you’ve been meaning to get to and put away the phone, or grab some paint and a canvas and paint the scenery around you. 

Meditation outside

And last but not least, try out some mediation outside. Just sitting and listening to nature while also reflecting on yourself can bring you so much peace on a day-to-day basis. Allow the sounds of nature to lull you to ease, marking all the things you hear, smell, and see that make you feel happy and sound.

Those are just a few simple ways how to connect with nature in your everyday life. What did you think of these tips? Do you do any of these already? How do they affect you? Let us know!

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