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5 Etsy Shops Where You Can Get Clean Beauty Products From

clean beauty products

After finding out that most makeup products in American drugstores and makeup retailers aren’t all that regulated and can contain dangerous materials like asbestos, I’ve been trying to slowly and sustainably make the switch to cleaner products. I love shopping from small businesses like Etsy sellers, and these 5 Etsy shops offer fantastic clean beauty products with the customer’s wellbeing in mind. So, if you’re looking to make a switch toward more natural and sustainable beauty, or if you’re just looking for a more sustainable alternative to mainstream makeup brands, you’ll LOVE these Etsy sellers.

Pure Elemental Beauty

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This shop is awesome! I love that they have mostly vegan products, and that they use talc-free formulas to create their powders. Using minerally derived materials, Pure Elemental Beauty’s products have been reviewed by many customers, who report that the products haven’t caused sensitivities and that they tend to last all day! So, Pure Elemental Beauty’s products are a great option for someone looking to switch up their makeup to something healthier. Products like the vegan 2 in 1 eyeshadow and eyeliner are great, because they also come in reusable glass containers!

Dab Herb Makeup

clean beauty products

If you like a good variety in products, you’ll love this Etsy shop! All the products this seller offers are vegan, food-grade, and organic, so you know these clean formulas are safe to use on your face! Additionally, almost all the packaging from this seller involves paper, tin, or glass, which makes for a more sustainable beauty brand– which we LOVE. With prices as little as $2.60, even the drugstore can’t beat Dab Herb Makeup in terms of how affordable it is. There’s seriously no excuse not to opt for something cleaner and more sustainable when shops like Dab Herb Makeup exist.

Clean Faced Cosmetics

clean beauty products

Tired of getting basic and boring options when you shop for sustainable and clean beauty products? Me too, but suffer no longer! Clean Faced Cosmetics’ products aren’t just for those going for a natural look. You can have bold makeup that is still naturally made, and Clean Faced Cosmetics makes sure of that, especially with the variety in mascara colors offered. If you’re loving the colored mascara trend, you’ll love Clean Faced Cosmetics’ products.

Plnt Glow


Among their subtle and natural makeup options, Plnt Glow is an Etsy seller that specializes in clean and naturally-sourced skincare products. The first step to good looking makeup is good looking skin, after all. In order to ensure great skin with their makeup, they’ve included skin-happy ingredients and SPF, so you can look good with and without makeup, thanks to Plnt Glow. Another favorite within Plnt Glow are their Reuse Renew silicone eye mask, which are reusable and amazing for your skin!

Heartd Beauty

clean beauty products

If you’re a sucker for packaging like I am, you will be OBSESSED with this beauty brand. Like all others on this list, Heartd Beauty opts for natural, safe ingredients for their makeup products, so you don’t have to stress about dangerous chemicals or anything else you wouldn’t want to put on your face. The real kicker with this Etsy seller, though, is that their blushes and lipsticks are heart-shaped! How cute is that? Sometimes with natural beauty products, you don’t always get the fun in colors and packaging that you would with mainstream makeup. However, Heartd Beauty made sure they’re products were cute and fun while also being natural!

Which one of these clean makeup Etsy sellers do you like best? Where is your go-to for clean makeup? Let us know in the comments!

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