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5 Love Language Dates To Make Your Love Feel Extra Special

love language dates

By now, most of us have heard of the love languages. These are the ways that many of us like to express and receive our love. If you have different love languages than your partner, things may get tricky, as you’re used to showing your love one way, while they’re used to receiving it another way, and vice versa. However, learning about your partner’s love languages can be the bridge that helps you both feel loved and satisfied in your relationship, even if you have different love languages. So, when it comes to planning dates, there may be a few things that those with one love language love to do, while those with another love language would prefer something different. Keep on reading for three date ideas for each of the five love languages out there!

Physical touch

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Finding date ideas for a partner with physical touch as their main love language doesn’t have to be tricky. Simply finding something you think they’d enjoy that also involves being close to one another, and you’re able to touch each other comfortably (for both parties). If your main love language isn’t physical touch, you may get uncomfortable at the sight of public displays of affection. However, these date ideas are great ways to show love in your partner’s love language, in a way that can feel comfortable and appropriate. 


This is a pretty versatile date idea, so it can be easy to find a way it can work for you. Perhaps you can suggest doing a little dance night at home, which can be goofy, romantic, exciting, or all of the above. Or maybe you can go out on the town for an evening, loosen up and dance to music while you’re out. Perhaps you could even sign up for a dance class and learn how to tango or foxtrot on your date. The possibilities are all pretty cute. 

Drive-In Movie

What’s getting the best of both worlds in terms of privacy but also getting out of the house for a date? A drive-in movie, of course! You’re secluded to the comfort of your vehicle, yet you’re still enjoying a movie on the big screen, snacks, and maybe even a sunset or stargazing. The cuddle opportunities for this kind of date are nearly endless.

Cozy Bonfire

I love this date idea because it is so cute! Go out to a gorgeous spot in nature, whether it’s out in the woods, at  a lake, at the beach, etc. Next, build a fire and cozy up. Bring along whatever activities would make the time even more fun, or just snuggle up with your physical-touch-loving partner and enjoy your date. This one’s a winner for sure.

Quality Time

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Quality time might be one of those love languages that seem like it’s the easiest to find date ideas for, but sometimes it really isn’t. Really committing to spend time with your partner can make them feel great if that’s their love language, and these date ideas offer either seeing your partner in a new light, and spending time doing something new or practical with them, or it can set aside a lot of time to be with one another and enjoy each other’s company. Either way, chances are a partner who’s love language is quality time will definitely enjoy these date ideas.

Take A Class Together

This date idea can be so fun. Learning things together and experiencing new environments with each other will ultimately make you closer, which is exciting to someone who’s love language is quality time. Whether it’s a cooking class, photography class, gymnastics class, or whatever, spending that time together would be important to your partner. On top of that, if you really enjoy the class as well, you and your partner also have the option of making attending it a regular thing, so your partner can look forward to spending even more time with you in the future. 

Weekend Road Trip

Have a free weekend? Well, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to take a little adventure for a weekend road trip. Someone who’s main love language is quality time would appreciate spending the journey and destination with you. Embarking on new adventures and experiences is just what a quality-time-lover would love their partner to plan for them. 

Volunteer Together

Sometimes, high quality time spent with a person happens while doing something for somebody else. Volunteering with your partner is a great way to get to know what it’s like doing practical things together while also helping someone else out. Whether it’s working at a soup kitchen, picking up trash, or spending time tutoring and playing with kids, a partner who values quality time is bound to love this date idea.

Words of Affirmation

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Presentation of Affections

Have you ever seen those videos where a group of friends gets together, has a few drinks, then clicks through powerpoint presentations that are silly and goofy and would make the rest of their friend group laugh? Well, inspired by those parties, which look like a great time, someone who’s main love language is words of affirmation might love a little partner version of this. Maybe open up a bottle of wine, then click through a presentation you’ve made of some silly but also some really sweet reasons why you love the other person. Bonus: if you plan this date out in advance with your partner, you’ll also get a little presentation and how fun is that?

Write Love Letters For Later On

All relationships will have their ups and downs. Anticipating the downs ahead of time and writing a little love letter for your partner’s future self can be a great way to de-escalate a situation, make your partner feel better, and bring you out of your head later on. It can also be super romantic to write these letters with your partner, knowing that each of you are working on telling each other how loved they are together. Maybe you could even write one to open that night, because why not?

Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

Are you or your partner a reader? Well, you’ll love this date idea, especially for someone who’s main love language is words of affirmation. Head to a bookstore and look for lines in books that either perfectly describe your partner or speak a truth about your love. This can be silly, it can be sweet, it can be romantic, and it can also be deep. Once you find the lines, collect your books and read them out to your partner, and vice versa. Saying it out loud can make these little love lines even more real and exciting to someone whose main love language is words of affirmation.

Receiving Gifts

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Partners whose main love language is receiving gifts loves to know that you’re thinking of them enough to bring them something you found or made that reminded you of them, or that you think they’d love. And, fear not, the date ideas that cater to a lover of receiving gifts don’t have to be expensive, and your partner will still love it.

Make Playlists

Whether you’re making playlists for one another, or you’re spoiling your partner with a playlist you’ve made just for them, enjoying listening to the music your partner puts together is a great time for someone who loves receiving gifts. This thoughtful yet inexpensive gift is a great way to show your partner whose main love language is receiving gifts how much you care. 

Make Them Something

Whether you’re taking an art class together or arranging a hand-picked bouquet of flowers, or a piece of jewelry, making your partner something is a great way to show them your love in their language if they love receiving gifts. Making your partner something can also be more inexpensive than buying something, and also sweeter because it shows that you’ve put more effort than swiping a card into the gift. The more personal, the better for someone who loves receiving gifts. 

Surprise Spoiling

Who doesn’t love a little spoiling? A partner whose love language is receiving gifts would love a surprise spoiling for sure. Whatever you think would work best for you and your partner works! Whether that’s surprising them to a little cozy spa night at home, complete with face masks, massages,  with their favorite movies, and snacks or surprising them with a fabulous night on the town shopping and going to dinner. Either way, or even in between, someone whose love language is receiving gifts would love it.

Acts of Service

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If your partner’s main love language is acts of service, they love getting shown that you care through doing things for them. Whether it’s something they’d instead be doing themselves, or if it’s spoiling them with something that is rare for them, a partner who loves acts of service dates is sure to love these date ideas. 

Help Them With A Project

Does your partner have a lot on their plate? What projects has your partner been too busy to complete? What can you do to lighten the load for your partner? Answering these questions and either making a date out of it or surprising your partner with a finished product might be something they really enjoy. If your partner tends to like to be hands-on with their projects, making a date out of it is a great way to help them out while still keeping them in charge. 

Make Them A Meal

I wouldn’t mind getting surprised with a little breakfast in bed date, or a nice homemade dinner, and neither would someone whose main love language is acts of service. They’d appreciate the time and effort you spent making something for them and showing them how much you care, even down to little details. This date undoubtedly puts someone in a better mood, and it’s not too hard to execute. 

Manicure Time

This is an especially great date idea for a couple whose predominant love languages are physical touch and acts of service. Tending to your partner’s nails is intimate, as you’re holding each other’s hands, and talking to each other very closely. Regardless of if your partner wants fun designs and colors or not, giving them a little manicure is the right level of pampering for lots of people whose love language is acts of service.

What’s your love language? Would you go on love language dates? Let us know in the comments!

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