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Make Some Cash With These Easy Ways To Resell Clothes – Online & Locally

ways to resell clothes

Need a quick buck? Who doesn’t? Well, if you have some extra clothes lying around that you don’t typically wear, it can be super simple to turn those clothes into cash! There are tons of avenues you can go down to sell your used clothing, and on top of getting some money out of it, you’re also helping to eliminate fashion waste and help the environment. Whether it’s online or in your own town, there are TONS of ways to sell clothes so you can make some cash out of your old clothes.

Online Options

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Thread Up

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Thread Up is an online consignment slash thrift store. All you have to do is send in a bundle of used clothes for the experts at ThreadUp to evaluate. You’ll get compensated for your donations depending on what you send in, but there’s also the option to send the money you would be getting to charity instead. If you’re looking for a super hands-off way to make money off your old clothes, Thread Up is probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to get that clutter out of your closet.


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You like being in control? Poshmark is a great online option! You get to post and price your items yourself, keeping complete control of the situation and how much you’d be getting. Once you post your clothes, promoting, contacting buyers, and shipping the package out is all up to you, but there are some ways that Poshmark helps you out.


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If you want another online option similar to Poshmark– where you’re all hands on deck with the reselling process– Depop might be another avenue you’d like to explore. I love Depop because there are lots of more unique pieces for people to explore, so if you have a unique style, if you’ve made any of your clothes, if you’ve thrifted your clothes, or if they’re vintage, those items might do really well on Depop.

Local Options

Consignment Stores

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Consignment stores are an awesome in-person option for selling your used clothes. If you don’t mind being hands-off with the pricing, consignment stores are one of the perfect choices. All you have to do is bring a bag of unwanted clothes in and let an employee decide how much you’d be given for the items. Then, you’d be given the money or depending on the shop, store credit to buy new clothes.

Garage Sale

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This is a classic option that a lot of people overlook! When I was a kid, every time things started getting a little cluttered, my family set up a garage sale to get rid of unwanted things and make some money on the side. With this method, there are lots of options for pricing. You can either price each item individually, put clothes in bins with different prices (so the items in the $3 bin are all $3 and all the items in the $5 bin are all $5, etc). Another pricing option for garage sales is to have customers pay what they want or can. This can be a bit more hands off as well!

Clothing Sale

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Similar to a garage sale, a clothing sale is another great option for getting money for used clothes. If you coordinate it with lots of friends, you can limit the selling to just people you know. Pricing is also up to you when attending a clothing sale. A clothing sale can also look a lot like a clothing swap, but you get to make a little bit of money off the items you get rid of.

Which of these ways to resell clothes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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