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Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Another Year Of Being You!

adult birthday party ideas

When you search the web for birthday part ideas and themes… take a guess at what usually comes up. Superman, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony… and yeah, I get it. Having a birthday party as a child is one of the most memorable and incredible experience of a person’s life. I have vivid memories of all of my birthday parties and their awesome themes. But, even though those are vital to an upbringing, do they have to stop once you hit a certain age? I say no way! It doesn’t matter what age you are, I think everyone who wants to should be able to celebrate their birthday with a rocking party! Because of that, I’ve pulled together a list of the best adult birthday party ideas, so you can have an amazing day celebrating another year in the books!

Spa Day

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Being a grown-up is way more stressful than being a kid, and because of that, I think we should use this day to pamper ourselves! Treat yourself to a high-end spa treatment that you normally wouldn’t get and maybe even see if your besties want to join you! Champagne pedicures for the squad? That sounds amazing! And most spas at resorts will let you use their pool and other spa amenities with your purchase! So get a massage and then go lay by the pool or take a dip! Perfect adult birthday!


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Even if you’re not a major gambler, the awesome thing about being an adult is being able to spend a birthday at a casino! As long as all your friends are of age, a casino can be a really fun way to spend your birthday with your favorite people! Play some poker, blackjack, or just grab a drink and enjoy the ambiance, or even see a show!

Wine Tasting

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Another awesome thing about being over the age of 21 is being able to drink your birthday away, with style! Are you a huge wino? Have your bunch go out to a fancy vineyard and have a classy day sipping and swishing, tasting for notes, oakiness, and earthiness. Vineyards give you a chance to wear fun sundresses, hats and to enjoy the weather while chatting away!

Cooking/Brewing Class

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Prefer a more hands-on experience or just want to try out something new? A cooking or brewing class can be so much fun! You’ll not only learn something new, but you’ll fill your special day with an experience you’ll probably never forget. Grab a Groupon for your entire friend group and you’ll have such a unique birthday party that is sophisticated and a lot of fun!

Mini Golf

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I’m sorry but you cannot go wrong with mini-golf! Mini golf is so fun because you don’t have to have any real skills to play. I’m awful at mini golfing but it is still so much fun every single time I go! Find a place that serves cocktails, and you and your friend group will be swinging away with joy!


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Ever heard of a staycation? Renting out a nearby Airbnb can be one of the easiest and best ways to spend your birthday. It’s like going to a resort, except private and can provide you with so many fun experiences. Don’t have a pool and it’s hot out? Done. Looking for something fun to do? Find one that has a game room or pool table! Airbnb’s are so fun and an easy way to feel like you’re on a luxury vacation, even if you’re just down the street from where you live.

What adult birthday party ideas do you have? How do you like to celebrate your birthday each year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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