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3 Best Friends Apps To Help You Keep Connected With Your Squad This Summer

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My group of friends and I are having a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of summer… meaning we’re not all in the same place. This means we all can’t constantly hang out like we want to. Because of this, we’ve had to figure out unique ways to stay connected (because honestly, a standard group chat just wasn’t doing it for us). And even then, the friends I am close to have really different schedules than I do, so planning is a nightmare sometimes. If you are wanting to stay connected with your besties this summer, here are the best friends apps I have found so far that help you stay connected!


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Starting out strong, my group of besties (particularly, my bridesmaids and I) has been using this app consistently for the last two weeks. Basically, every day, each person in the group records a “bean,” which is a 3-minute (or shorter) voice memo. You can record more than one if you really have something to say, but most of the time, we all record a little podcast for one another. Then, all of these beans are put together for each person to listen to the next day! This is called your “cappuccino!” It is so cute! In your bean, you can add a photo and text, too! So every morning, I wake up to cute little voice memos with my friends! This is such an easy and fun way to connect and to see what is going on with my girls! I honestly feel like I know so much more about each of them and their daily lives since we started! Recording a voice memo might sound intimidating but it really isn’t! It gets so fun and goofy, especially when everyone gets in the groove and feels comfortable!

Be Real

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On this app, all of your friends are sent a random notification (every day it’s at a different time) and you all have to snap a photo of what you’re doing at that moment! The app gives you two minutes to snap your photo, forcing you to “Be Real” and to show your besties what you’re really up to (whether you’re just laying in bed or you’re out on the town!) The authenticity behind this app is extremely appealing, especially in the world of constantly curated content. Want to see the real side of your besties? Get everyone to download this!


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Maybe you and your friends ARE in the same place but have serious trouble figuring out when you are all free to hang out. Coordinating with more than… even just yourself… can be a major pain! We all have different work schedules, different daily lives and different responsibilities, so how can we ever hang out? Will we ever be able to make a plan??? The Howbout app helps you do just that, with ease! In this app, you can propose plans with your group, schedule them out so they live on a calendar and see when everyone is free! It’s the perfect way to actually make concrete plans instead of constantly saying “Oh, yeah, we have to do that!” Instead, actually do it. I love that instead of flipping through my calendar and my messages app, it’s all right there in one place! This is a process I’m glad is being simplified for me! In each event, you can add addresses and locations, you can add specific times and dates, and you can even create polls for your group so they can help you decide on what restaurant to go to or what you should do during your night out!

Have you used any of these apps? What do you think are the best friends apps to connect this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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