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Millennial Trends We’re Tired Of Seeing – That Gen Z Is Going To Stop

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Hey there Zillennial… If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of us who feels a little Gen Z and a little Millennial all at once. But even so, you have to agree that Gen Zers are pushing through and making it known that they are not going to be participating in any cringe Millennial trends. As I’ve grown up, I’ve felt some relation to the Millennials, while other times rolling my eyes and feeling annoyed by the cringey things they say and do. Here are some Millennial trends I think are going out of style (and hopefully never coming back).

“Dog Mom” “Fur Baby”

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When I was younger, I really hated this trend. Seeing a “Dog Mom” car sticker would result in gagging and infinite eye rolls. Even now, that I have my own dog, I’m still not a fan of it. I love my puppy and I really do understand why people feel like they are parenting an animal (they are helpless babies!) but even so, I will never refer to myself as a dog mom. I can’t, won’t and want this trend to die. We can love and cherish our pets without making it super cringey and weird.


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I’m honestly so relieved that the days of “hipster” are coming to a close. Honestly, I haven’t heard this term in a few years and I’m really glad! Just because you like something “underground” or off the beaten path doesn’t mean you automatically think you’re cooler than everyone. And on the flip side, I also feel like we no longer feel pressured to have to like something underground. This along with the term “basic” are slowly fading away. Honestly, I’m basic and proud! I love to jam to Taylor Swift and drink Starbucks! Who cares about being a hipster? This really pairs with the “I’m not like other girls” mentality that Gen Z is fighting against. Get this: I AM like other girls, and I’m so proud to be!

Hating The Next Generation

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Gen Z is closing the door on this mentality, too. Why does every single generation have to hate the next? It doesn’t make any sense. You would think that after the Millennials were harassed for so long by the Baby Boomer Facebookers that they wouldn’t be hating on Gen Zers. But, they still do! It’s time to realize that every single generation will be different, have new mentalities, have fresh ideas about the world, care about different causes and will stand up for them in different ways. It’s actually really beautiful. So, when Generation Alpha comes around, I hope we welcome them with open arms and not make them feel dumb for being kids! They will probably have makeup, hair and fashion trends we think are ugly and weird! They might care about causes we don’t! They might make changes we don’t agree with! But it’s a beautiful change, every single time.


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No shade to the Millennials, really but Gen Z is coming in hot. The future is now and we will not stand down. This generation is ready to fight for what we believe in and we will not sit around and wait. Already in the past five years, Gen Z has made major waves like the Black Lives Matter movement, in our fight for environmentalism, the recent Bans Off Our Bodies movement and so much more. We will not be taking no for an answer, we will be fighting. For a generation growing up reading dystopian novels like The Hunger Games, Divergent and similar others, we are ready to become our own Mockingjays.

What Millennial Trends are you tired of seeing? How do you think Gen Z is different than the Millennial generation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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