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Improve Your Daily Sunscreen Routine With These Easy SPF Products

daily sunscreen routine

Now that the temperatures are rising, especially where I live (hello, sweet 105 degrees), it’s time to start applying SPF like it’s nobody’s business. In order to keep your skin safe, you’re supposed to be applying sunscreen or some type of SPF every two hours. I know, that sounds like a lot! And if you think it doesn’t sound manageable, I have some super easy tips for you! Add these steps into your daily sunscreen routine and you’ll be protected all day every day, and it won’t feel like you’re working extra hard!

Why is sunscreen important?

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Wearing sunscreen every day is one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun. When it comes to the aging your skin does, sunscreen can protect it from the aging it might do because of the sun’s harsh rays. Beyond the cosmetic reasons behind using sunscreen, it can also protect you from forms of skin cancer. While protecting your entire body and all of your skin from the sun is important, today I want to focus on protecting your face! Depending on the clothing you are wearing, your face is usually the skin that is open to the sun the most. And as a pale redhead, I’ve become the skincare sunscreen advocate for my friend group, constantly passing around my on-the-go products! So, now, I’m rounding them up so you have everything you need to protect yourself, whether you’re headed to work or sitting at the pool!

SPF In/Under Your Makeup

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Start the day out right by incorporating SPF into your makeup routine! This can be done in so many ways and can be incorporated into steps you already usually do! Do you use a full coverage foundation in the summer? There are so many options that have SPF added in! Use this one from Neutrogena for SPF 20, in your liquid foundation! If you prefer a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, there are so many options with added in sun protection! Here’s one from Supergoop! (aka one of my fave sunscreen brands), Burt’s Bees and IT Cosmetics. Whether you have SPF in your makeup or under your makeup, it’s easy and helpful to have it already on your face for the day!

Pocket SPF

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As I mentioned, putting it on once in the morning is not enough. Unless you’re inside all day in a building with amazing air conditioning, I recommend lathering up around every two hours. The only way this can be actually doable is by having a pocket SPF with you at all times. For me, that means having a little face roller stashed in my purse. Ever since I got my face roller (I use this one, the Glow Stick by Supergoop!) I’ve been so much more on top of putting my SPF on! Here are some other awesome options that you can take with you on the go! Here’s a sunscreen stick from Neutrogena (that kinda looks like deodorant), a pocket spray sunscreen, and a pocket lotion!

Lip Care

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Didn’t expect this one, did you? When it comes to SPF and sunscreen, you should also be protecting your lips! Though, you definitely don’t want to put nasty sunscreen lotion on your lips! Because of this, there are lip-specific SPF products you can use! Here is some sunscreen lip balm from Sun Bum, glossy lip oil from Brush On Block, and Lip Screen from Supergoop! These are also super great items to throw in your purse or your beach bag, so you can keep your lips soft, smooth and safe!

What products do you have in your daily sunscreen routine? Do you use any of these travel-sized sunscreen products? Let us know in the comments!

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