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Hemp Clothing Is In & Cotton Is Out – Here’s Why

hemp clothing

So by now, we all know that the fashion industry is less than perfect, especially when it comes to being environmentally sustainable. However, an alternative to traditional and synthetic textiles has been explored for ages, and is now gaining the recognition it deserves. Producing this textile requires fewer resources like water and acreage, and when disposed of (if disposed of, because honestly, this textile is quite durable and timeless), this textile doesn’t disrupt ecosystems like other textiles would. Guessed what the textile is yet? Yup, it’s Hemp, and it’s good for much more than relieving aches and pains! The fibers in Hemp clothing are light, sturdy, breathable, and perfect for making clothes, bags, etc!!

So, if this textile is so great, where can we find it? You don’t necessarily encounter a hemp clothing store in the mall when you go, so where can this greener alternative be found??


Lots of different sellers offer Hemp-made clothing on their storefronts. There is a great variety in quality and prices on Amazon, so finding options that suit your expectations and your budget  isn’t too far off. You’d be surprised with how cute some of the options are, with most also looking quite comfortable and airy.

Toad &Co

I love how normal and versatile these Hemp clothing offers are on Toad & Co. A lot of the time, people make hemp clothing solely geared toward the meditating hippie hiker type of crowd, when in actuality, anyone can embrace this textile into their closets and wear cute yet still quite sustainable fashions. Toad & Co.’s Old Navy-esque vibe make its products, including these Hemp options, easy to pick out for everyday use.


Focusing on its long term environmental impact as an alternative to cotton and other textiles, Patagonia doesn’t fall short when it comes to Hemp clothing options. With dozens of styles, anyone can enjoy how functional and suitable Hemp is as a more common textile. Patagonia claims they want to keep sourcing Hemp for clothing, because the positive environmental impacts keep adding up. “Hemp needs little to no irrigation and uses less fertilizer than other crops,” Patagonia wrote. “Cultivation of Hemp requires no synthetic fertilizer, replenishes vital nutrients and prevents erosion.” Why haven’t we been using it all along!?

Hemp Zoo

Oh, so you’re super hip and trendy but you still give a hoot about the environment and the sourcing of your clothing? Do I have the shop for you! I saved Hemp Zoo for last because I honestly think it’s the coolest online shop specializing in selling hemp-made fashions on a large scale, and they’re totally killing it. The patterns and styles they release never miss!

Do you think you’ll start to wear Hemp Clothing? Let us know in the comments!

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