Calling All Busy, Lazy and Babes Who Need A Break! These Apps Are For You

The world is at our fingertips… literally. In today’s world, you can order anything from your phone. Food? Done. Groceries? Done? Someone to walk your dog? Done. I’m not even kidding. You can have anything you need, with the use of a handy dandy app. Wanting a lazy summer? Or maybe you want a super busy summer? Here are 9 incredibly handy apps that will do everything for you, so you can sit back and relax.


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If you have a pup that you love but don’t have time to take them on walks, Rover and Wag! are great apps for you. On these, you can find someone who does have the time to take your dog on a walk, or you can even find someone who can dogsit for you if you’re going out of town for a while. Wag! even allows you to find pet trainers, who can come to you!


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Is there anyone in the world who likes doing laundry? Like, all of it? The washing, the folding, the switching, the screaming. Oh, wait, I think that last part is just me. If you hate doing laundry or don’t have time to run a load, apps like Hampr and Rinse can save the day. You can have some wash, dry AND fold your laundry! Rinse also has dry cleaning options for you fancy people!


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Obviously, I have to throw a few classics on this list. Who wants to go grocery shopping or pick up late night snacks when there’s someone who can do it for you? Using an app like Instacart for grocery shopping and GoPuff for snacks/drinks can keep you inside the house, chilling out.


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There used to be a time when you could only get pizza and Chinese food delivered. That is not the case anymore. You can get anything from Crackerbarell to Arby’s delivered to your door with the use of Doordash, Postmates or Uber Eats. Obviously, we’re all obsessed with these apps, so I don’t need to go into any more detail here.


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I never have time to wash my car. With Spiffy, I never have to again. Download this app and you can have someone come to your house to wash your car for you. And they even offer detailing! Never have a dusty car again!


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Don’t have time to get a massage? Bring the spa to you. Zeel allows you to book health & wellness services in your own home! Need a massage or assisted stretching? Book it through the Zeel app and sit back and relax – literally this time.


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Parking is so frustrating, and can even feel like a waste of time. If you’re not in the mood to drive around looking for a spot or taking fifteen minutes to maneuver yourself into a parallel parking spot, try Luxe. Isn’t valet amazing? You can valet anywhere, whether that’s on a busy downtown street or at Applebee’s.


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Sometimes we get so busy (or lazy) that we don’t even want to clean. Why should we? Handy is an app that you can order cleaning and maintenance services through. On the list of “handyman” services, you can have someone paint, assemble furniture, help you move, remodel your bathroom and so much more.


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Looking for someone to do something a little more obscure? TaskRabbit is all about finding people to do tasks for you. Need some to assemble furniture? Plant your flowers? Fix your toilet? Go shopping for you? There’s a little bit of everything on this app.

What other lazy apps or handy apps do you use? Feeling lazy this summer? Let us know what you think about these in the comments below!

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