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Indoor Activities For Adults That Your Whole Friend Group Can Go Try

indoor activites for adults

Getting out of the house for a day or evening of fun can be what makes your life interesting. However, if you feel like you’re sort of stuck in a routine or haven’t done much recently, you’ll love this list of ideas. All kinds of fun businesses are popping up with concepts that will make you and your friends have the best time! So, grab your wallet and your friends and read about these indoor activities for adults you can check out for a unique, fun time!

Selfie Spots

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Getting some badass pictures taken with your friends can be so fun and turn out super cool! However, it can also cost you a pretty hefty fee if you go the route of enlisting a professional photographer to do the job. This is where selfie spots come in handy! For a baseline entrance fee, you and your friends can enter a studio full of selfie-background-worthy rooms and walls for you to pose in! With professional lighting and fun (often rotating) backdrops, selfie spots are great businesses for finding something to do with the whole friend group that’s fun and unique!

Tea Room

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Hanging out in coffee shops can be great, but have you checked out a tea room or lounge? They’re literally the coziest places on earth and such a great spot for a friend group to check out. On top of great brews of tea, tea lounges often offer comfortable living-room like seating and board games that gives friends the opportunity to get comfortable and have a game night without putting the pressure on going to someone’s place in particular. I also think these spots are great places to find the cutest and therefore most Instagramable “props” and backdrops.

Immersive Experiences

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If you haven’t heard of the Bridgerton Experience, have you been living under a rock? But seriously, you don’t have to dress like you’re attending the Queen’s ball to try out an immersive Experience. Tons are popping up and are such fun places to take the gang for some good times. So far, I’ve seen advertisements for experiences such as the Alice in Wonderland Experience, The Friends Experience, and even Meow Wolf is an immersive experience. These places bring imagination into reality, and what a fun thing to play with your friends!


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Nothing illegal going on here… but I suppose the idea of a sneaky drink seems more exciting than stopping by the neighborhood bar. Hidden in refrigerators of convenience stores, alleyways with unmarked doors, etc, speakeasies can be a fun way to get your group together for an extra fun time. Bonus fun comes when you don’t tell your friends where the entrance to the speakeasy is. Finding it is often half the fun! By the time you get there, you’ll really deserve that drink after all the searching!

Luxury Movie Theater

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We’ve all been to the movies, and often it’s nothing new. You sit in your seat, enjoy concessions, and leave afterward. In Luxury movie theaters, reclining chairs, tables for dining and bar service all contribute to the experience and can make you and your friends feel bougie as heck and make a whole experience out of going to see a movie.

Picnic Planners

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I have been seeing picnic planning businesses pop up everywhere lately, and I love seeing it! These are usually small businesses that set up gorgeous and delicious picnics for you and your friends! Whether it’s for a special occasion or not, sitting down to a really nice picnic with your friends sounds like sweet memories in the making to me! Also, don’t forget a camera to capture this picnic with your pals.

Which one of these indoor activities for adults would your friends enjoy most?

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