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What To Wear To Bridgerton Experience So You Can Be Crowned Diamond Of The Season

what to wear to bridgerton experience

After the first season of Bridgerton came out on Netflix, who didn’t want to be crowned the Diamond of the Season? I know I definitely did. And now, you actually can be. The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience has five different locations, where you can go, get all dressed up, dance, listen to live music and live out your Bridgerton dreams. Whether you’re closest to Chicago, Los Angeles, Montréal, Washington DC or San Fransisco, each Bridgerton Experience is fun, engaging and a chance to dress to the nines. Wondering what to wear to Bridgerton Experience? Here are some simple outfit ideas so that you can look your best for the queen.

What is Bridgerton Experience?

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The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience is a deeply immersive Regency-era Bridgerton-themed event. With period costumes, extravagant decor, live music, paid actors, display cases of real Bridgerton costumes and so much more, the Bridgerton Experience allows you to step inside the beloved show and era. Originally starting at the LA location in March, more locations are popping up around the United States and expanding throughout the summer.

What should you wear?

So, you have your tickets for the Bridgerton Experience… but what will you wear?! I’ve seen so many TikToks lately of people getting ready for their event, asking their followers and TikTok watchers what they should wear. And if I know anything about this event, is that everyone who goes is looking absolutely stunning. To decide on an outfit, I recommend that you do some research about the Regency Era and more specifically, about Bridgerton the show. 

In the Regency Era, there were some very specific and consistent styles. For starters, necklines were low and wide. Waistlines were high, often paired with corsets or fitted bodices. As for sleeves, think big and puffy. 

In terms of Bridgerton, the show takes the Regency Era standards and pairs them with a modern flare. While they did their research, they also pair big sleeves with a more modern fit, or they take a standard corset dress and give it a modern pattern. Much like they did with the music (putting a Regency flare on T Swift bangers), you should take classic elements and make them a little more contemporary. When you start figuring out what to wear, keep this in mind.

A Gown

You can’t be the diamond of the season without a gorgeous gown. While you don’t have to go this crazy, there are actually some awesome (and affordable) options on Amazon! These three options incorporate that Regency silhouette we’re all obsessed with while bringing in some fun and youthful flare.

A Modern Twist

Want something a little more chill? You can easily incorporate some Bridgerton vibes into a more modern dress. With these three options, you can still absolutely be the diamond of the season without going overboard or without overspending.


It really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as you have some gloves on! Gloves were all the rage in the Regency Era and in the Bridgerton series. They also effortlessly dress any outfit up, making them the perfect accessory for your night out.


Nothing elevates an outfit like some fun accessories. Grab a fan, a perisole and a tiara and you’ll be ready for the ball! To really make a splash, you need to go the extra mile, AKA having something that nobody else has! These are a few of my favorite options from Amazon.

Have you decided what to wear to Bridgerton Experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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