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Lifesaver Beauty Products To Grab And Pack On Your Next Summer Vacation

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I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I am so ready to travel this summer. I’ve worked out all the details and finally have gotten good at making my own plans — but it’s taken years to perfect the art of the perfect pack and not to over pack. However, everyone needs those perfect traveling beauty essentials that are great to have in your suitcase and frankly just fun to shop for. Spending a little on some travel size Sephora could just make that hotel bathroom all the better. So if you’re grabbing a duffel bag and spending a night a city over or planning a week-long beach get-away here are the best beauty products to grab and pack for summer vacation.

Lipstick and blush combo

Blush & Lip Duo

I was gifted a lipstick and blush combination recently and I really love how easy it is to use. It’s great for throwing in my bag and refreshing my makeup wherever I am. This is perfect because it cuts out the feeling of needing too many different shades of lipstick and carrying around too many brushes for a powder blush. Having a blush that’s a bit creamier just works better with some outfits anyways.

Roll on perfume

Roll on perfume

It’s always hard to lug around all of the products you have at home and keep liquid products to a minimum while traveling. The thought of a perfume bottle breaking on a road trip sounds like a nightmare. A smelly nightmare. But I want to smell as amazing as the clothes I’ve stuffed into my suitcase — and after a full day of travel, that’s hard to achieve. That’s why I’m always reaching for travel-size deodorant, deodorant wipes and roll-on perfume. Roll-on perfume is a fun way to elevate your date night on any trip and it’s fun to shop for as well.

Mini dry shampoo

Mini dry shampoo

Having dry shampoo is the best “life hack” when you’re always running late. Sometimes a vacation can be more active than lounging. Having these little easy-to-carry bottles of dry shampoo can be such a lifesaver. Nobody wants greasy hair in their pictures or to wash out a fresh dye job. Getting one of these mini packs was fun to sample and made my last summer vacation a bit more relaxing.

Hair towels

Hair towel

I have been using the Turbie Twist hair towels since I was 12 years old and I love them. They’re so much easier to walk around in and do your makeup than piling a towel on top of your head. These are great for vacation because they help dry your hair before a night out or a morning of activities. They’re also convenient to avoid heat or are trying to skip packing a hair dryer. You can create your own sort of spa day where ever you are if you know what to get.

An emergency kit

Emergency Kit

My “emergency kit” has been a game changer. This is a huge help for keeping in my carry-on, in my car at arm’s reach or just thrown into a tote bag. All of the beauty essentials or everyday needs can be readily available in a small pouch. I use a pouch and fill it with period products, individually wrapped makeup wipes, bandaids, a tissue packet, a mini Advil container, chapstick, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and a lighter. You can build your own or purchase one that’s already got its own goodies. These make great goody bags or gifts for someone’s wedding day too.

Now that you’ve been packed with helpful tips on beauty essentials for your vacation, you can hit the road! Do you have any travel size Sephora or mini Ulta goodies you always go for when packing? Do you have any recommendations on some products that have saved your vacation? Comment down below!

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