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What Does Embracing Your Inner Teenager Look Like? Here’s How

how to heal your inner teenager

We’ve talked about healing your relationship with your inner child, but what about your inner teenager? Believe it or not, if you have trapped emotions, traumas, or insecurities from your teenagerdom, these things may need working on and connecting in the future. To work on getting closer to the teenager inside of you and to how to heal your inner teenager, try out some of these activities and see what happens when you embrace that younger version of you.

Let Yourself Have “Out There” Aspirations

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What did you want to be when you entered teenagerhood? Whatever it is, it likely wasn’t as practical as what you want to do now. Where did that sense of wonder go? That sense of hope? That belief in yourself? Those are some of the most amazing traits teenagers often possess that get wiped away as we enter adulthood. Let’s bring back those great hopeful aspects of ourselves! Who knows? Maybe that sentiment is all we need to make those dreams come true? Go for it! Your inner teen will love you for it.

Be Rebellious

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When most people think about teens, they think of young rebellious people. Sure, teens do tend to be rebellious, but I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I think teenagers are so rebellious because they’re finally coming into their own and seeing that sometimes, the world run by older generations doesn’t fit them in it. And teenagers are right to fight for creating a world they can thrive in! This kind of rebellion loses steam as we enter adulthood and that spark that you might have had as a teenager has faded… That is, unless you connect with your inner teen and return to being rebellious and creating a world you love and are comfortable in.

Make a Playlist For Teenage You

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You know what was the biggest flattery for a teenager?  Someone making them a playlist. Or maybe that was just me? Regardless, your inner teenager might love the care and compassion that comes with compiling a playlist made specially for them! Remember the hardships you were facing, the artists you were obsessed with, the kind of lyrics you related to. Take that all into consideration and build your playlist around this! Then, go ahead and listen in that headspace. Honestly, it’s pretty therapeutic.

Reintroduce Exploring Yourself

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Your teen years are the perfect time to explore yourself, and we were all dealing with discovering who we are at the time. The thing is, we aren’t one thing or another. We’re all kinds of things and we’re all constantly evolving. So, it’s due time to explore new facets of yourself– the teenage way! Let it be awkward! Let yourself make mistakes! Why are we so afraid of making mistakes as adults anyway? Mistakes help you figure yourself out. Whether it’s different parts of your personality, different interests you want to explore, or sexual and romantic explorations, there are tons of things you can discover about yourself with a teenager’s set of eyes.

What do you love about your inner teenager? Have you figured out how to heal your inner teenager? Let us know in the comments!

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