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Obsessed With Shuffles by Pinterest? Here’s How To Get Pinterest Shuffles Codes

pinterest shuffles codes

Another day, another trend. This time, Pinterest has come out with a brand new app called Shuffles by Pinterest, an app that makes collaging insanely easy (and fun). This app takes all of the insanely aesthetic collage-making pieces and pulls them together into a single app. As you can guess, everyone is absolutely obsessed with it – but at the moment, it’s invite only. What does this mean and how can you get in? Let’s talk all about Shuffles by Pinterest and Pinterest Shuffles codes.

Pinterest Shuffles

On Shuffles by Pinterest (or Pinterest Shuffles), you can take pins, cut them out and clip them together. It is absolutely the most aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting social media-based app I’ve ever seen. But beyond that, it’s insanely easy to use too! You can create beautiful pieces of art with just a few clicks, with Shuffles clipping everything out for you. You can add pictures from your camera roll, take brand new photos using your camera, add photos from your Pinterest boards, search for photos on Pinterest to use and much more. Shuffles uses an insanely easy clip art process to remove backgrounds from photos, making it easy for you to layer them and move them around. Then, when you’re done piecing together your works of art – you can add text, draw on it and even add amazing effects on top of it.

Pinterest Shuffles Codes

Everyone all over social media is obsessed with Pinterest Shuffles already. It just hit the app store and is invite-only, but everyone who has been able to get an invite code is collaging the day away. Somehow, I was able to find a code in the comments of a TikTok video and typed it in so fast. Boom, I unlocked the window to Shuffles by Pinterest and climbed on in. Why it is invite-only is beyond me, and makes it extremely exclusive and kind of annoying – why should an app even be like this? What benefit does it bring? Oh, yeah… exclusivity and publicity.

Either way, Shuffles by Pinterest is invite-only at the moment. So, how can you get yourself an invite? Well, it’s time to scour the internet. People are posting their codes to Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and other platforms, but you have to be fast. First of all, let’s talk about how these codes even work. When someone gets an invite code, they can log in for themselves and now they are allowed to share their code to invite three more people. So, basically, it’s not as exclusive as it may seem but it’s still pretty hard to get an invite. My advice to you would be to scour Twitter, TikTok and Reddit for codes, and as soon as you grab one, pass on the love! And don’t ever trust online scammers who say they have a bunch of codes – and especially don’t pay for a code. 

Soon, just like any other app, this one will be opened up to the public. Just be patient, look for a code, and most importantly have fun! Truly, I think this app will become one of the most popular ones out there – filled with creativity and fun. 

Have you had any luck looking for some Pinterest Shuffles codes? Have you been having fun on the app? Let us know what you think about Shuffles by Pinterest in the comments section below!

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