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Zillennials Need Dollface Season 3 – Here’s Why It Should Be On Your Watch List

dollface season 3

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s fall editorial intern Brianna Allison. Find her on Instagram at @ballison7. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at

One day, I was scrolling through Hulu looking for something light to play in the background while I did some work… that’s when I stumbled upon Dollface. I decided to give it a shot after briefly reading the description. It started with Jules (Kat Dennings) being dumped by her long-term boyfriend. Although you were witnessing a break-up, the scene still managed to be funny and even light-hearted. Things start to get a little weird as a CGI cat-lady with a strong southern accent helped Jules to process her breakup.I almost turned it off, but I didn’t feel like looking for anything else so I let it play. And as it played, I strangely started to enjoy it. Then, I even started to relate to it. Then I was hooked. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out: Dollface will be your next favorite show, especially if you’re a Zillennial who identifies as a woman. 

Now, let me give you a brief rundown before I tell you why it needs to be on your watchlist. The premise of the show is Jules finding herself outside of her five-year relationship. To do so, she rekindles the female friendships that she lost along the way. She comes to realize that, during her relationship, she prioritized her boyfriend instead of investing time or effort into her friendships. Many Zillennials will quickly see themselves in either Jules or her friends, Madison (Brenda Song), Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Izzy (Esther Povitsky), as they navigate their careers, friendships and identities. This show will leave you searching for happiness and success by creating deeper connections with your friends. As important as the show’s message was, unfortunately, it was canceled before we could get a Dollface season 3. Even so, the first two seasons will not disappoint and may even give you some of the clarity you’ve been looking for.

So here’s why it’s great:

There’s more than just romance

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Many shows that focus on women’s lives revolve primarily around searching for love. But Dollface is different because romantic relationships are secondary. Although the series includes storylines of dating and exploring your sexuality, it is mostly centered around building deep friendships with one another. As a Zillennial who identifies as a woman, I found this beyond exciting. It was so great to watch something that showcases that there is more to a woman’s life than her relationship status or significant other. It also recognizes that you don’t have to be in a committed relationship, married or have children in your 20s to be successful.

Shows that your 20s are about self-discovery

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Dollface also shows that not everyone is in the same place in their 20s, and that’s okay. Jules was once ready for marriage, while Madison was focused on her career, Stella was having fun partying and Izzy was still trying to figure out what she wanted. Society pushes the idea that by the time you are in your 20s, you should have your life figured out: who you want to be and what you want to do. But the characters show that these aren’t fair measurements of success. 

Dollface affirms that your 20s are formative years where you discover your identity. Your path is not certain, and it does not define you. As the storylines reveal, you can change your path 50 times and still be successful. You can sleep around, date or just take time for yourself. You can try to progress at your company, or you can move to a different state and start completely new. Ultimately, Dollface shows that your 20s are the time to do all of this. It’s more important to find your true self and achieve your dreams rather than settling for less just because society tells you that you should have everything together.

It’s centered on female empowerment

Many shows suggest that a group of women can’t exist without some bitterness, jealousy and even malice. Whether it’s over a love interest or a job opportunity, there always seems to be some source of conflict that is supposed to provide insight into the “nature of women.” However, there is no competition between Jules, Madison, Stella and Izzy because they chose to empower rather than belittle one another.

The show depicts how each of the women lift each other up in a world that attempts to constantly put them down. When Stella starts her own business, there is no bitterness or jealousy, only unwavering support. When Jules learns she is making significantly less than she should be at work, her friends rally around her and help her advocate for a raise. When Madison’s justifiable tears are met with the dreaded phrase “you’d be a lot prettier if you were smiling” by an older man, her friends jump to her defense. For many of those who identify as a woman, these scenarios are all too familiar… and extremely frustrating. But the show reveals, all you need to get through society’s misogyny is a group of friends to back you up and help you persevere.

It’s almost too relatable

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I fell in love with this show because of how much I could relate to it and see myself in the scenes and storylines. Plenty of times, I felt myself nodding in agreement, sending scenes to friends, or even crying with the characters because there were so many accurate depictions of our experiences.

The characters began to feel more like real people in real situations than actors with a script. Not only were these scenes relatable, but they established an emotional connection between the viewers and characters on screen. We’re all guilty of experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), leaving your comfort zone, losing a friendship, questioning your self-worth or just feeling like you’re not good enough. The show perfectly depicts all of these anxieties that have been ingrained in those who identify as female.

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Now that you know more about the show, do you see why Dollface is one of my favorites? It may be a little weird at first, but it accurately depicts life in your 20s. For anyone looking for their next show to watch, Dollface will always be one of my first recommendations. To my surprise, it’s so underrated that most people I talk to have never even heard of it.

This show helped me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles or anxieties and that these are society’s shortcomings rather than my own. When you’re discovering your own dreams, identities and places in the world, it can be challenging for anyone. Dollface reveals that everyone is fighting their own battles but that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to get through these exciting and confusing times is to have a group of friends that will love and support you no matter what. 

If you’re as passionate about the show as we are, comment below so it can get the recognition it deserves and maybe even get us one step closer to a Dollface season 3!

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