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Think You’re Getting Proposed To Soon? 7 Perfect Nails For Engagement Ideas

nails for engagement

When it comes to marriage, you are your partner should be on the same page. But when it comes to proposals, the surprise aspect can make it hard for you to know when your significant other is going to pop the question. Though, sometimes, you have a pretty good idea when it’s coming. If you have even the slightest hunch that you’ll be proposed to soon, it’s time to get ready. And specifically, it’s time to get your nails done. You don’t want those first ring pictures to look anything less than perfect. Hopefully, your bestie or someone in your family has already roped you into “casually” getting your nails done, but if you think there’s something sus about it… there probably is. Here are some nails for engagement ideas that you’ll love.

Nails for Engagement or Proposal

It has been so popular on TikTok and other social media platforms for people to get their nails done for months while they wait to be proposed to. If you’re really not sure of your SO’s proposal timeline, it can take a really long time to finally get it right! This has created hilarious videos like this one that brings so much joy when they finally have the ring by the end. If you’re looking for some nail ideas (and you might even need a few month’s worth), here are some of our favorites.

Hailey Bieber Nails

Ever since the Hailey Bieber “glazed donut” nails have been trending, I’ve been dying to incorporate them into my bridal activities. There’s just something so bridal about the chrome effect over the sheer white polish! Hailey Bieber’s stylist specifically uses the shade “Funny Bunny” from OPI along with the Tin Can OPI chrome powder. Ask your nail artist if they can do something similar!

Ombre French

Looking for a unique spin on a classic? French tips are always the way to go, but an ombre french is such a fun twist. It looks elegant and really beautiful! Sometimes, I don’t like how sharp french tips are, so I think this ombre version is a really fun and unique way to mix it up.

Dainty Flowers

It definitely depends on what season it is, but I think a dainty flower design is so much fun. This design can be so girly and romantic and will look so cute in pictures! Imagine your ring paired with these cute little flowers. I don’t know why but I love it!

Little Hearts

Want something that represents love? Duh! Little hearts are also super dainty and romantic, but they are also super flirty, fun and sexy! If you want a little more of your personality to shine, these are such a fun pick.

Cloud Art

After your proposal, you’re going to be on Cloud 9! Why not get your nails to match? This is such a fun and unique design, which I really love! Everyone usually wants super plain nails for their proposal, so might as well mix it up!

Shades of Nude

Can’t decide on just one nude color? You can instead create an ombre effect with nude tones! This works really well with dark nudes (especially if you match the undertones of your skin tone) or with soft pink tones!

Colored French

Maybe you’re not a white or nude nail person at all! I totally get wanting a little bit of color, especially if you’ll be looking back on these photos forever. However, you might not have any idea what your ring will look like, so I’d limit the color down as much as you can. These colored tips are a perfect way to have a little color with minimal distraction!

What are you doing with your nails for engagement? Let us know what proposal nails you have/had in the comments below!

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