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Summer Is Slipping Away – Here’s How To Have A Jack Johnson Girl Fall

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Ok, so last week we talked about what it means to breathe easy in a Sufjan Stevens summer. But, autumn is just around the corner, and it’s important to continue on living a life that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and fulfilled. If you know me, you know listening to Jack Johnson does the trick for me. Sure, Jack Johnson may seem like a summery type of listen to you, but in this article, I’m going to show you what it means to have a Jack Johnson Girl Fall. So, que his latest album, “Meet Me In The Moonlight,” because this truly is Jack Johnson’s cozy fall era and let’s get into it.

Make Banana Pancakes, duh

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One of the most legendary Jack Johnson songs is “Banana Pancakes” and to me, it perfectly encapsulates what a Jack Johnson fall feels like. You’re waking up slowly, making a warm and delicious breakfast, spending time with someone you love, and using this time to relax and not think about responsibilities or anything else, really. Now, I’m not saying you should abandon everything you need to do this fall in favor of making pancakes and keeping your shutters closed, but making time to disconnect can be really grounding and fulfilling. Taking things slow and giving yourself  little extra love is important, and should be a main component of your Jack Johnson fall.

Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

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It’s a warm and cozy feeling to know you’re loved. What better way to embrace the coziness than to spread it around by showing your friends and family how much you care. This can be as simple as calling up a friend you haven’t seen in a while to see how they’re doing. Or you could make a day of sending out postcards to those you love around the world. Trust me, whoever you’re reaching out to will love hearing from you, and feeling that much more closer with those you love really brings the Jack Johnson level of comfort.

Restoration Projects

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We couldn’t have a Jack Johnson Girl Fall without giving back to our communities. Not only is this something his music encourages, but Johnson himself has done lots of work to support his local community as well as environmental efforts worldwide. Why not join him this fall? This can be as simple as searching up if there are any beach, trail, park, highway, etc. cleanups near you. Whatever feels right for you, giving back is a great supplier of that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Get Curious

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Most people know Jack Johnson as the guy who sang all of the Curious George songs and this is a great way to know him! Despite being kid-friendly, “Upside Down,” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” and all the other songs on that album are absolute bops. So, take that curiosity and get out into your surroundings with a fresh and inquisitive eye. This may lead you down some interesting paths. If you start getting curious, you start asking questions, meeting people around you, and learning about your community on a deeper level.

Hot Chocolate at the Beach

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If you have a beach near you, you’re a lucky duck who can participate in this Jack Johnson fall activity. Sipping a warm drink at the beach either at sunrise or sunset feels like such a cozy early autumn activity that gives off MAJOR Jack Johnson vibes. The ex-surfer has tons of soothing songs about the ocean that will make this experience so cozy and calm. 10/10 recommend.

Host a Dinner

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Jack Johnson’s Kokua foundation is all about providing his local community’s schools with farm-fresh foods. Spreading the love through a meal makes for such a cozy and communal time that is deserving of a Jack Johnson soundtrack. So, conjure up some fresh and delicious foods and invite friends, neighbors, and even strangers to your table. Host a dinner with no expectation of an invitation to one, perhaps you are providing food to someone who really needs it! Gathering around a table and sharing a meal not only nourishes the body, but it also feeds the soul– bring on the warm fuzzies after that.

Play Mudfootball

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While this one may seem random, it’s not. If you’ve heard Jack Johnson’s song, mudfootball, it’s all about playing footballl in the mud after school and it really has a fun feeling to it. I love the line “my best friend Kenny wants to come with you, so meet him at the sugar mill after school” because it gives me the sense of inclusion with the idea of playing mudfootball. Truthfully, if you’re playing mudfootball, it isn’t really about the football (or soccer) is it? It’s more about getting messy and having fun. No matter who you play with, thrashing around in the mud after a rainy day can be a lot of fun if you’re able to let go a little bit.

Make a memory reel

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If you don’t know this about Jack Johnson, he actually went to school for film, and a lot of his music references photography and videography as well as their abilities to capture memories. This is one of the beauties of technology, to look back and relive some of our favorite memories. So, throughout your Jack Johnson girl fall, pull out the camera and record a few videos of moments you want to remember. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be living in the moment, but instead, just think about it whenever you remember to do it. This isn’t a chore, it’s fun! And believe me, at the end of your fall, you’ll have the coziest cutest little video of all these great memories.

Have any other ideas that’d make your fall a Jack Johnson girl fall? Let us know in the comments!

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