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Tights That Won’t Rip, Snag, or Tug Under Pressure

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I am a tights girl. You know, you have those cute fall, spring or summer styles that you just HAVE to wear in the Winter. I do, at least. Those dresses and outfits with skirts or shorts that definitely won’t cut it in the cooler months without some tights. They can be great and lifesavers and can tie together outfits like no other. But, tights can also be THE WORST. They tend to rip, snag, tear, and tug. We’ve all been in that situation, you have the cutest outfit on and then out of nowhere your tights snagged and you’re left with a big run or tear in them. I just thought this was the nature of tights. That was until I learned that there are tights out there designed to avoid this very problem. So, without further ado, here are some anti snag tights that will hopefully last a lot longer and won’t rip, snag, tug, or break under pressure.

SPANX Tight-End Tights

This is a great option for whoever is looking for that classic pair of opaque, solid-colored tights. They come in black, navy, and charcoal, which are all great colors for pairing with other colors and patterns. Not only are they made out of quality materials that will offer compression and shaping were you want it, these tights are also designed to avoid snagging with the “luxe yarns” the fabric is made of. If you’re looking for a reliable basic tight, these might be your new go-to, especially if you HATE runs in your tights. 

Commando Control-Top Ultimate Tights

Another awesome staple would be these Commando Control-Top Ultimate Tights. These are great because they are not only rip-resistant, they also offer a bit of shaping without tearing under pressure. If you want to put some Christmas money toward tights this year, these would be a great fit that would go with any outfit AND last you a lot longer than most tights while still keeping everything together for you.

VERO MONTE Fishnet Set

Now, I couldn’t write an article about tights and just include our favorite, reliable, basic black tights. I LOVE a fun pair of tights, and fun pairs of tights rip just as easily as normal tights. If you’re looking for a no-fail way to upgrade any outfit, try out these pattern fishnet stockings. This pack includes four different styles, so you can mix and match to your liking. Fishnets can easily rip but these tights are rip resistant and the patterned design is also great at keeping all the fibers where they are supposed to be. 

Hollow Out Sweater Tights

These tights are gorgeous. Because of their warm, sweater-like knit and material, ripping is one thing you really don’t need to worry about. I like to pair these tights with dresses to feel classy or with outfits that I’d like to dress up a little bit. If you live somewhere colder, I’d recommend tights like these Hollow Out Sweater Tights because the thicker knitting makes it so that you don’t really get rips at all. Without rippage, you can focus on styling, staying warm and looking cute.

Control Top Fashion Tights

For another pair of control top tights that aren’t bursting at its seams, these are a great pick. I love the leopard print design and the fact that these tights are designed to stretch instead of pull, rip and warp is just a lifesaver. I ordered these tights a while ago and they are still going strong in my wardrobe, thick girl tried and tested. If you love pattern mixing, or just incorporating a bit of fun into your outfit, these fashion tights are a great no-rip pick!

HONENNA Patterned Fishnet Tights

These are definitely my favorites from the list. These tights, similar to the fishnets and the sweater tights, are woven with thicker fibers so that ripping and snagging are a thing of the past. Not only that but look at how cute these are! These anti snag tights definitely give you more style and complexity to your look and this pack offers up some reliable pairs for you to go back to over and over, without them being basic by any means. 

How much do you hate tights that don’t hold themselves together? Do you have any holy grail anti snag tights to share with the class? Let us know in the comments!

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