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6 Podcasts About Astrology To Get Your Horoscope From Every Week

podcasts about astrology

Ok, so regardless of if you believe in astrology or not, I feel like almost all of us can agree that it’s so fun. I also think it’s a really cute thing that humans do – find things to relate to one another over, and build a sense of community and identity from there. Regardless of its validity, it’s something most of us enjoy! One of the most exciting elements of astrology, though, is getting your daily horoscope. Times have changed from thumbing through a newspaper or magazine to finding out what kind of cards the stars have dealt us for the day. Instead, most people turn to tech for their horoscopes! Most Zillennials have probably heard of CoStar, an app that gives you an in-depth look into your horoscope based on your whole chart! Cool, right? Well, I loved it for a while, but honestly, reading through all that CoStar had to provide me with kind of felt like a chore. Do you know what doesn’t feel like a chore to many of us? Listening to podcasts! If you would still enjoy getting your daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever horoscope, without the daily reading, here are some podcasts about astrology you should check out!

Astrology of The Week Ahead with Chani Nicholas

Updated every week, this horoscope podcast hosted by Chani Nicholas is a hit for a reason! She talks about planets and star positioning as it’s happening, and then takes that to explain how each sign can go about their week. Despite being detailed, Nicholas also makes this podcast series easy to understand, so you never feel left in the dust.

______ Today by Spotify

I’m a sucker for Spotify. I really do love the app. I mean, I could go on and on about how cool the discover weekly feature is, but after discovering Spotify’s series specifically dedicated to each individual star sign, I died and went to Spotify heaven. On the daily, you can get horoscope updates curated to your specific sign or signs. So, you never have to wait through a podcast for the host to start talking about your sign!

Moon Matters with Dalanah

This is such a great podcast that can really influence how you look at your chart. In case you don’t know your Big Three, here is an article we published about what that means. In this podcast, Dalanah explains the importance of your moon sign while also dishing out horoscopes based on moon signs. Talk about an in-depth understanding!

Blame it on the Stars with Jade and Kara

This is such a fun duo, which makes this podcast such a fun one to listen to! Blame it on the stars provides a casual explanation for something as complicated as astrology. It feels like you’re sitting down to talk to some friends, and it turns out both of your friends are experts on the stars. If you’re strongly opposed to a boring horoscope podcast, this one is for you!

That Horoscope Podcast _______

We LOVE an individualized horoscope podcast. This podcast, available on Audible, comes in a few different sizes, one that fits each zodiac sign! So if you’re looking for some content curated for you on the daily, this podcast, like the ones created by Spotify, is for you!

Your Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox

I love this podcast hosted by Kelli Fox because it actually does feel like a weather forecast in some way. So, sip on your morning coffee, tea, or whatever you’re drinking at the crack of dawn, and listen to Kelli Fox’s forecast from the stars with helpful and meaningful interpretation!

Do you think you’ll trade in CoStar for one of these podcasts about astrology? Let us know in the comments!

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